Automatic Transmission Issues after Highway Speeds

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As the title of the post implies, my 2004 Volkswagen Golf (gas engine) has issues shifting into 4th gear after I have been driving on the highway for 30 minutes or more. This issue presents itself upon exiting the highway and slowing down to a point at where normally the car would be in 1st gear. The car stays in 3rd/4th gear too long and then drops suddenly to 1st, causing the engine to rev at very high RPMs. The transmission then seems to get stuck staying in 1st when it should be in 2nd, 2nd when it should be in 3rd, and never going back into 4th gear.

This problem is NOT accompanied by a "trouble light" so I have no idea whether this is related to a faulty speed sensor or shift solenoid.

One additional bit of information that may or may not be related to the above problem. Upon starting the vehicle and shifting into drive or shifting from reverse to drive, there is a delay in actual engagement of the transmission. In other words, I have to keep my foot on the brake, otherwise it is as if the car is in neutral.

Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated. I have already rebuilt the trans in my 300 M, so at least I have the necessary tools to do this one if necessary.
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