Where can I find a study comparing additional weight to vehicle efficency?

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I found a study that was almost exactly what I was looking for here drivealuminum.org/research-resources/PDF/Research/2008/2008-Ricardo-Study.pdf but that study compares the reduction of weight to vehicle MPG. I'm interested in how additional weight affects vehicle MPG.

Extra info: I was thinking about getting a small 4-seater hatchback (i.e. Ford Focus) and loading it with 4 passengers and gear via roof storage for road trips. Total additional weight could be around 800lbs.

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    You're doing good to have already found that somewhat obscure pdf file. Maybe try Google Scholar if you haven't already. I've seen weight reduction links and stories over the years about the tricks manufacturers do to meet CAFE - you could assume from studies like your pdf one that not doing something would cost x% in increased gas mileage.

    Back in '99 I got a minivan for road tripping. I quickly tossed a row of seats to save weight. That surely helped a little (and helped offset going from a space saver to a full sized spare). But with all the other variables, it would be too hard to quantify my one-off example.

    But if a spare tire weighs 40 pounds and omitting the spare from a car saves one tenth of a mpg for CAFE...well, you know the rest.

    Ignoring the weight limits and any roof rack warnings, you could always get a Prius or perhaps a high mpg diesel hatch.

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