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Chrysler Pacifica Owners: Meet the Members



  • pfschimpfschim Posts: 29
    I am Paul from the SF East Bay area and I just purchased a Black Crystal/Dark Slate cloth AWD Pacifica. No DVD (kids are too old to care)and No NAV (just one of those guys who reads maps). We paid 29,240 on a new (non-demo) model. Also got the Chrysler $1k rebate in the deal.

    This car will replace a 96 Ford Windstar that we drove the heck out of as a family car for 9 years. It's quite a step up for a family hauler and I liked the look and feel of it during test drives, but my own daily ride is an Infiniti G35 and so the Pacifica still feels very much like a bus (very nice bus) to me.

    We shopped Murano SL, Infiniti FX35 and Chryler T&C as replacements and my wife just felt that the Pacifica was her top choice so there we are.

    I did own a 300M when they were first released, but was not a very happy owner (mechanical and dealer problems early on, rattle trap after a few years.) I was very happy to be rid of it so I am holding my breath to see how this Chrysler experience goes as far as quality is concerned.

    As always, it's a pleasure to be part of the Edmunds discussion family. I have been an on/off member since I owned a '96 Mazda Millenia S. I Look forward to seeing on going comments and viewpoints here at Edmunds.

    Happy Driving to all
  • Tim & Paula in North Carolina

    I got my wife a Deep Molten Red/Taupe FWD for her birthday. Loaded minus heated seats (I don't think I could bear the thought in the summer!) and the Nav. The first thing the kids said when they got in was, "Mommy where's YOUR car?" We traded in a '96 Caravan. And paid about $34K.

    I've been a Lexus owner for 13 years and never thought I'd buy another American car. I drove the RX330, of course, and was immediately underwhelmed, especially considering the price.

    The only problem I've had is that the dealership knows nothing about most of the new toys like the Sirius radio and the UConnect.

    Looking forward to participating in this virtual community!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Tim, did you get a factory installed UConnect ?? this would be the first factory installed one I have heard about. I waited over 2 months and finally ordered my pacifica w/o the option. (it was the one thing that started me looking at the pacifica). ended up w/ the aftermarket. Mopar add on. not as nice from what the manual says of the factory Uconnect

    ps I also drove the Lexus 330 and did not like it at all. it was too cramped inside.
  • monark49monark49 Posts: 58
    Purchased a Jade AWD 3 weeks ago and so far we love it. Traded in a 2002 300m that we also loved, but too hard to get in and out of. Also had a Jimmy and a Durango. This one tops them all.
    To "Cluelesspa"
       How about posting a picture of your hitch taken directly from the rear and down low so we can see what that factory hitch looks like.
    Trying to decide between that and the custom Hidden Hitch. Lots cheaper and no cutting of bumper.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    George, If you post your email address in your profile I will take a pic and email you it... don't want to burden people with Dial-up connections with too many posted pics ... it looks ok .. saw a few around here in Pittsburgh with them on as well. pleased after the dealer replaced the bottom facia with a new one when the scuffed the first one. it looks great now. the wiring harness plug is in a weird place, its up UNDER the bumper next to the spare tire. I got the 7 wire round plug. so I can use either 7 wire or 4 wire using an adapter. I wouldn't do the hidden one, unless you use a 2 inch raised receiver.... as it would be sitting pretty low... (like a minivan height)
  • monark49monark49 Posts: 58
    To cluelesspa
    Its posted
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    got the address if you want to pull it... dont know when I will get to taking the photo (busy at work lately) but email you hopefully in the next few days
  • alg65alg65 Posts: 6
    Hello to all the PAC fans and prospective owners. I purchased our PAC at the end of July after looking at every car review I could find and getting a good idea of the value of my trade-in from WE LOVE THIS VEHICLE... WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT.
    -the looks,the luxurious/solid/safe ride,the perks at a very reasonable value (dvd, gps, moonroof,leather, power door). I have already installed the mud guards,the anti-scuff guard for the rear bumper, and the chrome tailpipe (should have come w/ the car).

    FYI...We traded in a loaded 99 Sienna XLE w/ 57k miles for $1.5k more than the valuation and bought the vehicle for invoice(the wife of the dealer had put 1.5k miles on it-it was super clean.) We have 3.5k on it already and enjoying the ride.

  • We purchased our butane blue Pacifica, 8/16/03, with most options except the nav system and power rear lift gate. We are very pleased with the ride, handling, comfort and appearance. My wife loves the adjustable pedals and the seating. We think Chrysler has a real winner with this suv?. I do know that we like it more after we bought it and have driven it that when just test drove it and that's a very good sign. We both highly recommend it.
  • Just finished our first highway trip of about 850 miles total. 21.2 going and 21.6 on return. Has anyone gotten higher yet? Love this thing out on the road. Next week it goes to the Smokie Mountains for a week or two.
  • We are getting 19-19.5 in town with 21-22 on the highway. We still get a lot of stares while driving. Even the dealership folks come out to look at it when I get the oil changed. We are loving this great car.
  • Very proud owner of 6 weeks of an Oynx Green Pearl Pacifica. Thought about the bug guard but two things bugged me (pardon the pun, just had to), first the appearance, thought it would look like I am 83 and living in Miami (not that there is anything wrong with that) and second-thought that while the color of the bug guard would blend nicely with the Onyx Green color of the car/SUV/mininvan/crossover/touring sportster, BUT, in addition to having to wash the plastic screen carefully to avoid scratching..PLUS---having to try to wash beneath the guard to appropriately clean the under-hood area---thought it would be more of a pain in the trunk than I wanted--any experience on this out there?
  • Got home yesterday from a trip to the Smokies in the PAC. Great through the mountains with the autostick. Better ride than our 300m. Return trip from Gatlinburg Tn. to Roselle, IL is 610 miles at 70-75 mph and 23.5 mpg. Mostly interstate and the AC on about 30% of the time. Same trip in the 300m many times at around 28.0 mpg. I'm well satisfied with the Pacifica at 4200 miles. Only one oil change and no problems. Headliner was low at one spot and they fixed it during the oil change. Plenty of power for our use and we don't feel like were riding on a truck bed like our Durango or Jimmy.
  • We're also the very happy owners of an Onxy Green PAC AWD. The front bug guard blends very nicely with our PAC, and has worked quite nicely so far. You can also slide your fingers underneath it to clean and polish the hood. It seems as though the quard is made of polycarbonate, it has already withstood 2 rather nice sized stone or gravel impacts that would have cracked a plastic part. Also looks very sporting on the front!
  • throw this in having been in the "plastics" business for 40 years. Polycarbonate is! a plastic. If molded correctly, it will not break.But then neither will many other "plastics"
    Polycarbonate does scratch easily though so be careful wiping it off.
  • Thanks much for the responses macwm1 and monark49. Forgot to ask, does the bug guard require drilling of holes for installation?
  • No drilling required, the instructions are fairly clear. The center of the guard utilizes the existing nuts from the Chrysler emblem- you need to replace the posts with the ones supplied. The ends are held in place with double sided tape.
  • 610bob610bob Posts: 3
    Hi, my name is Robert. Live in No. CA. Picked up my Pac (AWD, Oynx Green Pearl Coat, Light Taupe/cloth interior, sunroof, audio upgrade, chrome wheels, and cargo package) 1st of July after special order in May. Paid $34,250, less $1k incentive. I have installed a bug deflector, splash guards, bumper scuff pad, locking gas cap, and SS exhaust tip. Have 6k miles, traveling in CA from Santa Barbara, Lake Tahoe, Mt Shasta and Ft Bragg and I have thoroughly enjoyed this automobile. An excellant road machine, percise handling, amazing (quiet) ride. Have experienced little difficulty in hilly terrain... "autoshift" really works. During early trips, did not see any Pac on the road, however I got plenty looks. During my trip to Mt Shasta, I saw two on the road, one being driven by a staff writer at Edmunds. Had a chance to meet and talk to him about "our cars". I have yet to acheive the 17 - 22 mpg during my travels. 16.8 best yet, highway and AC going. Still hoping. Chrysler has a winner, a 'bad ride'. Thanks
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    Bought a new 04 Satin Jade Pacifica AWD with Leather seats, heated, power liftgate. I think alot of people are missing out not looking at the pacifica. Now with a 3k rebate you can get a 35k msrp for about 28k, maybe a little less. I leased mine with no money down (zero due at signing) for $370 39 months. The sticker was 35k. Love the car so far, great options. The only thing that was a problem in the first month is the rear wiper has to be reset, goes off the glass. Getting used to the rear vision will be a chore, rear sensor should be a must. I don't see the issue with gas mileage and pick up. The engine performs well. I do agree a 5 speed automatic would be nice but the auto stick feature compensates for it. Can't wait to see how it will perform in the New England Snow!
  • ramzey28, How are you coming up with saving 7k below MSRP? Your vehicle with a 35K sticker would be about 31,800 less 3k rebate you are at just less then 29k. This is with you advertising fees added in. Why do you say 28k or less? What was dealer invoice on your vehicle and what did you negotiate below that. Please email can find it by clicking my profile name. I am going to buy but have yet to find savings better then about 5500. Thanks.
  • Got my Pacifica in July. Silver, chrome wheels, DVD, NAV.... (everything but the uconnect).

    Love the car!!

    I have 2 kids and needed to 3rd row to separate them while we're in the car. The fact that I can sit 6 people in comfort and the kids are having a good time in the backseat - this is worth the money!

    Great ride! Handles well! Need some quick pickup - just use the power shifter.

    Putting in a Hemi will probably be a good idea - but will definitely jack the price up.

  • Bought my Pacifica three months ago. Fully loaded. My expereince so far from onlookers.

    1. At a stop light: a guy rolled down his windows and asks me about the car. I told it was fantastic. His comments were " the Pacifica looks sharp. Chrylser did a great job with that car"

    2. A few times at various parking lots: People will peak inside the care, walk around it, and look at it from afar. They come up and say if it is my car. I basically show them the car from outside and inside. They were very impressed.

    3. Not too many Pacificas roaming around our area: Saw a person with a blue pacifica brand new and she waved at me with a huge smile. I wave back...

    This is the first year for the Pacificas. I think it's going to take off in the next two years or so. It takes time for people to notice something great. I bought a first model van back in 1997. I did not see any on the road until two years later and now I see the van everywhere.
  • I love my Pacifica. I am a previous Jeep and MDX owner. The dealer took my MDX as a trade eventhough I was 5K upside down on my lease. Good deal overall. Love the ride. However, I thought my car came equiped with the seat heater, but it didn't. In addition, I thought it had the rear bumper plastic protector and it didn't. Small stuff, but wish I had the accessories that are missing. Love the ride more than the MDX with more bells and wistles like DVD and Nav.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    You can get those great accessories on ebay, dealer, or try

    I think the scuff pad is worth it, and the mud guards seem like a good deal but I hear you have to take the tires off to put the guards on.
  • Bought my new FWD "R" Package Pacifica on 2/28. It's black w/ taupe interior; chrome wheels and chrome exhaust tip. Best sound system; 6 disc CD changer and best speakers. Now have 2600 miles on it. Getting 21-21.5 mpg, mainly highway miles. Have most everything except Nav System, DVD Screen, and laminated side glass. Otherwise, we have it. Very quiet, very smooth, extremely comfortable. I'm crazy about the car. Comments from others in gas stations, at stop lights, wherever, have been very positive. Talking on the cell phone is a whole new experience with the quietness in the cabin. I'm totally loving the new Pacifica!!
  • Bought my FWD Pacifica off the lot - had the U-connect system on it. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with any Verizon phones. I have a long term Verizon contract, so can't use for 20 months unless Verizon comes out with a phone that will support Blue Tooth Technology. If you have a satisfactory wireless carrier and you don't want to change, perhaps you should confirm that your wireless provider has Blue Tooth Technology phones available.
  • I've had my new Pacifica for two weeks now. If I could give Daimler-Chrysler my "wish list" for things to consider on future models, this would be it:

    • With the Heated Seats Package (?) – include a 10-way front PASSENGER seat w/ memory. Even at a higher price for the package, you’d sell the fool out of these. On a longer trip, my wife will drive part of the time and I'd like the lumbar support when I'm riding shotgun - she would, too!

    • On Trip Computer – offer the additional functions “Instant Miles per Gallon” and “Elapsed Time” that my 2000 Concorde LXi trip computer had on it. This could be accomplished very easily with minimal, if any, build cost increase.

    • Offer a Cell Phone Holder as a dealer installed accessory. With after market holders, you either have to deface the vehicle OR use a holder that obstructs the flow of air from the dashboard vents. A dealer accessory could eliminate all of these poor options.

    • Entry Keypad on outside driver door – a feature that Ford has used extensively and which I really, really like. It takes the fear out of losing your keys or locking them inside the vehicle. A spare key in the glovebox could be accessed via the keypad in the event of key loss.

    • Radio – include a “MUTE” button to turn off sound when a cell phone call comes in

    • 2nd Row Seating – You are missing a LOT of potential sales to younger families by not offering a 40/20/40 split bench option for the second row seating. While this option might cut into your mini-van sales, I think you’re missing the boat by not offering as a factory option. Both Volvo and Ford are offering; could the Freestyle perhaps hurt your sales if you don’t reconsider?
  • Exactly why did you buy the Pacifica in the first place? I was just wondering................
  • peytonpeyton Posts: 5
    I went into the Chrysler dealership six months ago to replace my Jeep Grand Cherokee with another Jeep. After finding the color I liked we were on our way into the office to do the paper work when I saw the Chrysler Pacifica on the show room floor. I said "What is that??" My husband said "don't look, don't look"!! It was love at first site!!!. They had to remove the doors to get the Pacifica outside for me to drive. And I've been driving it for 6 months and don't miss the Jeep at all. It is the best designed, very quiet driving, most affordable luxury car I've ever seen. I have all I want on it, but am thinking about getting the Navigation System. I travel a lot by myself and think it might come in handy. Anyone out there who knows about the Navigation System--please answer. Thank you,
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