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2012 S60 50k dealer wants $1500 to replace compressor

lnskylnsky Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Volvo
My car made a loud screeching belt sound followed by a burning smell at 49,780 miles.  The AC didn't work after that.  By the time I got it to the dealer it was over 50k so they won't honor the warranty. 

Today they hey quoted me $1,500 to replace the compressor!   The part is only about $550. They also noted he windshield is leaking and AC drain is plugged (this is a common problem and a recall was issued).

Im so upset.  The car was under warranty when the issue happened. I can get it fixed for under $1k by a shop but took it to the dealer hoping they would honor the warranty.  I love that they want to charge me for the windshield when a car of this age shouldn't be having these problems.  They are also charging me $100 for the diagnosis.  I have never had a dealer charge me to diagnose. Wtf... Does this sound right to anyone?  I'm so mad I'm almost in tears.  They took 2 days to look at it and now I have to take it somewhere else. I'm just so steamed they are trying to rake me over the coals like this.  

This type of work should not cost over 1k and it would be the right thing to do for them to honor the warranty. 

Any advice please???



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,313
    When an A/C compressor fails, it will often send metal pieces throughout the system. If this happens, a expensive mess is created and the condensor and other items such as the expansion device, hoses and even the evaperator. Hopefully this didn't happen in your case.

    As far as the warranty, did you talk to anyone at Volve Corporate? Stress to them that when it blew you had less than 50K on the car.

    Have you been having your service work strictly done by a Volve dealer? If this is the case, that can go a long way to help them be a bit flexible.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Understanding After Warranty Assistance may help; kind of expands on what @isellhondas is saying.
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