I'm having a issue with my 99 Dodge Durango 4x4 5.9l

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Recently Ive had and issue of my car idling real low when decreasing my speed , or coming to a complete stop . Either on the free way or as simple as to a stop sign it idles low an then sometimes shuts off , it gets annoying and scary at the same time espically on the freeway. I've recentky checked the codes because I do have a engine light on and it reads p0720 it's the speed sensor I changed it a year agoan recentky did another change on the Sensor . And I also cleared the code and see if would come back and sure enough sane code appeared .  What else could I be over looking ? Please help !!!


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Since you've changed the sensor twice, something else seems be causing the code. The sensor itself may not be the issue. A quick online search turns up an explanation of P0720 and what might be causing it. You might want to look into the wiring or connections to the sensor next. If, for example, you had a bad connector or cracked wire, that might make the computer think the sensor is bad.

    If you have a desk lamp that flickers on and off, and you change the bulb twice and it still flickers, time to look beyond the bulb :)
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    Same problem. Coming t a light if I shift into low to slow down for light and leave it in low it will drop in idle and a lot of times die. If I leave it in drive it doesn't do it. Also the speedometer doesn't move until I hit 30 mph and then it will jump to 30 and then you hear the auto door locks lock. Is that speed sensor problem too?
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