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Show off your Pacifica here!

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  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    Wow, no one has posted any pictures. Well I guess i will be the first :)[email protected]/detail?.dir=b3- 5d&.dnm=5f77.jpg&.src=ph
  • aviateaviate Member Posts: 31
    Outstanding photos. You have done some nice updates on the Pac. Did you do the lower panels yourself or have a shop do them?
  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    Thank you for the compliment. Actually, the matching color of the lower side panels are standard on the limited edition models. Which is the biggest reason I bought the limited edition instead of the touring model. The solid one color throughout looks much more elegant in my opinion. Also, I just ordered the moonroof deflector which should make it look a bit more sporty.
  • bigdaddy1bigdaddy1 Member Posts: 47
    You've got a really beautiful limited. We felt as you did that the solid exterior color was quite powerful. We went with the black pearl paint with the black moldings on our '05 touring. My wife really wanted the dark slate leather interior which was not available in the limited. We looked at the light taupe and lighter wood trim in the limited and chose to stay with the smooth dark leather vs. the lighter perforated. The 3 grandchildren (all under 3) influenced this decision as well!! I showed my wife your pictures last night, she really thinks it's gorgeous. She had that look in her eye all evening.
  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    Hi bigdaddy1, thank you for the kind words. For our family, the color of the interior was a BIG selling point. Being in suuny california, I did not want to go thru the heat generated by the dark color interior during the summer months (Did that once and it wasnt pleasent). So we really wanted a light color interior. And I know what you mean....having a 3 year old of my own it was choice that had to be made :) But due to this fact, I did get the car's interior (leather, carpeting and fabrics) and exterior's paint treated with Permaplate which gives a 5 year warranty.

    Lastly, we love this car......enjoy the ride as I know I do!
  • bigdaddy1bigdaddy1 Member Posts: 47
    As winter's coming on here in northern IN. I really envy your sunny Cal. location. Enjoy your new pac. Were the pedals part of the limited pkg. or aftermarket? Mine are just black rubber. I'd like to replace with ones like yours. Thanks.
  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    Yes, they are aftermarket. So many to choose from :) You can google it or go on ebay and get great deals on some. Keep warm :)
  • bigdaddy1bigdaddy1 Member Posts: 47
    Speaking of aftermarket, I picked up the locking lug nuts and the chrome valve ext. and caps to replace the silver plastic. The lug nuts said all chryslers so I picked up and put them on. Too tall. Plastic hub cap won't go on, have to look for shorter ones, will return these. The valve caps came with a chrome barrel that fits over the stem. They are too long. Using the caps only. Much nicer than plastic.
  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    Hi bigdaddy1, hope all was funa festive on thanksgiving for you. Recently, I added a sunroof visor and replaced the stock headlight bulbs with some silver star ST's(much whiter and brighter light). Also, like you I did replace the stock plastic valave caps with some chrome octagon shaped caps. In addition, I replaced the stock rear muffler with a magnaflow and it is much better now with a bit more kick and deeper sound, not to mention the chrome tip extension. Will be doing a customized dual exhaust system in near future so stay tuned :).
  • bigdaddy1bigdaddy1 Member Posts: 47
    I have gotten a cargo liner, security cover, roof rack cross rails and had the front windows tinted in the last couple of weeks. If anyone should get the cross rails, a little tip I got at the dealer saved me some time. Only remove 1 side (the 4 screws) then slide the rails under the lip on the other side. No big deal, saves a couple of minutes. The security cover looks pretty nice when you mount it right side up!!!!
  • bigdaddy1bigdaddy1 Member Posts: 47
    I finally gave up and got the locking lug nuts at my dealer. $38.00 for these vs. the ones I got that were too tall for $9.99. The only difference for the additional $28.00 is they work!!!
  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    Nice, glad to hear the additions to your pac are going smoothly.
  • likwidfluxlikwidflux Member Posts: 4

    Not the greatest pictures in the world. But shows the car.
  • hlc1hlc1 Member Posts: 1
    Can anybody tell me if a rear air delfector is available for my Pacifica? We live on dirt roads and the dust accumulation on the rear window and body sure hurts my feelings. It is a roof mount delfector. Thanks!
  • klekle Member Posts: 3
    I have reviewed your pictures and noticed your dual exhaust. I own a 05 Gold Limited AWD with all the goodies. I do not have the dual exhaust. Was this an option? Do you feel it helps your gas milage? I get about 13 miles/gal around town. It appears that the Non-AWD get better milage.
  • pscdocpscdoc Member Posts: 93
    No, the dual exhaust was a custom addition I had done. Gas milage seems to be about the same, maybe a tad less. But, I did it more for the look and sound quality then for fuel economy. My daily commute, which is about 60 miles round trip, the pac avg's around 17 miles. That's freeway with traffic and some local driving. Highwy around 21-22 mpg. Thirteen seems really low, unless you are strictly driving local with ALOT of stop and go traffic. The non-AWD droes get better milage because it is also lighter.
  • klekle Member Posts: 3
    I have reviewed the comments regarding the gas mileage and find that my 12.8 to 13.3 ranks as one of the lowest if not the lowest for around town. I live in the Tampa Bay FL. area. A much warmer climate then most. I was wondering if the A/C is causing the the problem? Soon I will be taking it on the super highways to discover my trip average. I sincerely hope my pac does much better!
    Regarding the dual exhaust, I think this modification looks great. It is sporty and stands out a lot better. There appears to a few who have customized their pac as well. Not knowing much about fab shops, I will have to research the aftermarket and see if it is available in my area.
  • steelydan0613steelydan0613 Member Posts: 144
    I live in Houston (hot as hell right now) and I will confirm that my gas mileage is definitely a little lower with the a/c on ( 9 months out of the year), I average about 15.3 mpg in a 60/40 mix of stop&go/freeway driving.........On the highway with the a/c on, I will just hit 20mpg if I stay at 70 mph.

    A lot of these high mpg numbers on these forums don't ever mention a/c on or off, so be suspicious.................

    But hey, I had a Honda Civic that would only do about 24 mpg in Houston driving, and the a/c wasn't half as good as the Pac........

    Happy 4th.........
    04 Pac FWD
    23,335 miles
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    Air conditioning on or off? really dosen't mean much on the Pac. since the compressor is cycling on and off all the time, even in winter, on this car. I get the same mileage, or close to it winter and summer. 17 around town and 23.5 on steady highway trips.
  • rodutrodut Member Posts: 343
    I agree it cycles all the time, even if cold outside. I can hear it. The only way to shut it down is to use the POWER button to completely shut that display down.

    It's stupid because sometimes (when it's colder) I'd like to use the fan only. Why wear those parts and hear those cycles ?!
  • steelydan0613steelydan0613 Member Posts: 144
    Pardon me , but I fail to understand why the a/c compressor would be on in January when all you want is heat and no defrost action. In Houston, Tx, in my garaged car, I never use the defrost setting , and I can assure you that my compressor does not come on all the time...................
  • rodutrodut Member Posts: 343
    Well Miguel M, since at least one year I was hoping to see an expert from Chrysler be involved in these Pacifica discussions. I also own a Honda, and saw a Honda representative being involved in Honda discussions. I think his username was "I_sell_Hondas", or something like that. You should change your Edmunds username from "miguel2" into something like "Chrysler_marketing".

    The first very useful thing you could do would be to find out why Pacifica's front suspension rattles/clunks like described in the TSB 02-007-04.
    That TSB applies to Pacificas built before September 28, 2004. My Pac is built in January 2005, so the TSB doesn't apply. Applying the brakes, or steering, doesn't duplicate the sound. Still it rattles at low speed, like all 5 other Pacificas I test drove. My dealership never found another TSB, and never got back to me, because "only god is perfect".

    If this job is not appealing to you, I would gladly switch on Chrysler payroll, and help solve the complaints on these web sites, because Chrysler can reach perfection, and doing it would be the best thing to do from a Marketing point of view.
  • heroshimaheroshima Member Posts: 9
    I to am getting betwen 12.1 and 13.4 I live in ft lauderdale, Im driving a 04 FWD iner citty and some turnpike. I have 52k on the dash. I am not the original owner and have seen the average go up a bit since its been cool latley and ive had the a/c off. Still I find it dificult to think that with all the other high MPG around that there isnt someting wrong with my vehicle. I dont drive heavy foot and its basicly just me inthe car. Delaer says theres nothing wrong. Could it just be that the car is getting older. :cry:
  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    Have you checked your air filter? My 04 AWD with 49,000 miles averages 17.2 with mostly city mixed with 10 minutes of freeway time (at 75 mph) a day with the A/C always on. Long tips give me 22.5.
  • tristan1tristan1 Member Posts: 39

    2004 Pacifica awd

    The wheels are Fondmetal 20x8.0 w/ 275/45-20.

    What do you guys think of the chrome door paneling? My wife says " it's tacky" but it kinda matches the wheels.

    I'll take more pics of the interior with additional the additional wood dash. But I'm debating if I should put more around the video screen.
  • prawiepawprawiepaw Member Posts: 3
    Well, I like it a LOT!!!
  • davidd5davidd5 Member Posts: 79
    I really like the chrome mouldings,too. They really stand out on a dark coloured Pac. :)
  • tristan1tristan1 Member Posts: 39
    Yeah, they do stand out. A few guys asked if it came like that. It's looks awesome on silver too, just check out Pscdoc's silver limited on previous posts.
  • tristan1tristan1 Member Posts: 39
    Here's the rest of it with the additional wood grain. These are better match compare to the previous one I had. I'll add more pics when I add more stuff to the car.
  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    Thanks for reinforcing the fact for the rest of us that we own one of the top ten best looking vehicles on the road. Great job!
  • waterdrwaterdr Member Posts: 307
    You still reading these boards? Where did you get the wood grain?
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