Can heads on a 3.0 Lincoln LS be reworked?

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I have a 2000 lincoln ls 3.0. I have been told it has low compression but no water is present in the oil can the heads be reworked on this jaguar engine

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    This is a Ford engine used by Jaguar (owned by Ford at the time), not a Jaguar engine used by Ford. As to the low compression, it could also be caused by bad rings, which requires an engine rebuild or, more likely, replacement, neither of which are likely worth the big $$ on this car. It could also be either a bad head gasket or bad valves. Has the cooling system been pressure tested? Has a 'leak down' test been done to determine the actual cause of the poor compression? You may need to find a better mechanic if they haven't considered these tests.
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    How will I know if I really need one he said he did a pressure test but the car runs great doesn't make any noises just runs hot after a short period because my fans don't come on  changed the dugas bottle  and fan fans worked but when I changed the pump it stopped so with no noises n speed is fine how do I really know I need a motor at night it does fine for about 45 minutes  with water refill have to keep putting water after running hot other than that it holds water good don't know if it was bled correctly for air after parts changed lots of people don't know how to work on them would air in the system cause it to register low compression also it runs but stalls after a while also . Also no water in my oil engine runs quiet .has a miss needs plugs n wires changed put 2 freeze plugs due to cold weather they popped out.
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    That's pretty hard to read. There are a lot of contradictions in what you wrote here. If it has a misfire and needs plugs and wires then it can't be running great. If the cooling fans worked at one point and then stopped working, someone needs to test and prove what (if anything) is wrong with them.

    But then you describe being able to run the car at night for forty-five minutes and you have to add coolant to keep going. Just because the water isn't showing up in the oil, that doesn't mean that you do not have an internal leak. In fact you could easily have cracks in the heads that get into the exhaust ports. That would cause you to lose coolant and not see much evidence of it beyond some water vapor or odor in the exhaust. The most telling statement that you made has to do with needing the core plugs replaced. At this point it would be very risky to attempt to just service (replace) the heads. There could be additional problems with the engine block because who knows what other kind of damage occurred when the core plugs got forced out.
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    The plugs n wires hadn't been changed in the car from the information I received from the previous owner. But wouldn't the car show some type of sign there is no odor n I only lose water from the overflow when it runs hot ...causing me to have to put more water before movement.....Basically what ur saying is change the motor anyway just in case....what other engine can I replace it with. N how exactly can I change the fans to electric without problems of destroying my wiring harness. I need a diagram do u know where I can find one...very few people here want to even work on these particular vehicles.
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    So I guess I will leave it as it is and find another vehicle...I really liked my car n hate to scrap it why would they create something so nice to junk when everything is in excellent condition n yet there are so many on the highway still identical with no problems it only had 178000 miles listed on the dash n its another engine... No leaks nothing ...its amazing the problems..I've had it put on a machine n nothing pulled up but fuse 28 fuse 128 fuse19 fuses p0135 p0141 n p01
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    I'm pretty sure it's a 3.0 Duratec V6, which is a pretty ubiquitous engine.
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    That's exactly the type of engine I have explorerx4 upon reading other forums I have read it is rarely the case of needing a new engine due to the fail safe sensor
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    Fail safe sensor? Sorry, there is no such thing. Now if you are referring to the system attempting to react to something like an overheating event and limit damage that is more of an operational strategy.
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