Diesel Power for 04 F-150 or SUV's ?

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I'm wondering if their are any plans by ford to offer a diesel engine in the new F-150 or Expedition in the coming year.


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    Some time ago I read that Ford and International was working on a 4.? liter V6 "baby Powerstroke" for the 1/2 ton market. Since then, I have been told the project was scrapped. Who knows? I think there would be a large enough market to justify it. A 1/2 ton truck that gets 30 mpg and can pull a small to medium sized travel trailer, sounds great to me!
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    Ford is a bit short of cash right now. A diesel is a long term "maybe," for the short term it continues to be a heavy option for the F 250 and up. With Nissan arriving in the large pickup and SUV market at the same time as Toyota increases its' footprint with an upsized, crew cab Tundra, Ford desperately needs the F 150 to be a distinct success, no recalls and no quality problems, right out of the box. A new truck and a new, three valve engine is enough on management's plate at this time. Right now, though it's odd to say it, GMC/Chevy is probably the technology leader in large pickups.
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    the technology leader, but I'd rather drive "yesterday's" technology than be seen in a truck with that ugly of a front end. ;)
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    I am very much in agreement, Mullins. If it had to be GM, the GMC is easier to look at.

    It's hard to be proud of your rig when you don't even want to look at it yourself.

    Sure hope Ford doesn't go in that direction!
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    All a matter of what you want in your rig. Styling is the last, least thing on my personal checkoff list. I don't care if my next wheels look like Aunt Minnie's old Volvo, if it goes where I want, carries what I want, doesn't stick me with nasty surprises, I'm happy. Sex appeal belongs in the passenger's seat, heh heh heh.
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    Ford killed it's 4.5L V6 Diesel (Nicknamed Baby Powerstroke) because it would not have met emissions standards for 2006. In other words, the project was killed in the womb before it even hatched. Ford contracted Navistar to develop that engine, soon after Navistar had to suspend employee's and such, because of the whole Baby-Powerstroke situation.

    Ford's is working on a 4.0L diesel engine, but word is that is only to be used with PAG brands, mainly Land Rover/Jag. You could see a version of that engine being developed for the F-150, but numerous other issues need to be worked out before such an idea is implemented.

    It'll be 2 years for the full phase-in of the F-150 at all Ford NA plants. This includes the "boutique" version vehicles such as Harley Davidson, Lightning, etc. At that time, a Diesel engine could be introduced if it meets emissions, and by that time, the U.S. gasoline will have less sulfur which will allow for less emissions issues.

    Currently, Ford has just announced a "Diesel Team" to investigate, work on, develop, diesel engines for N.A. use. This team will be in charge of the demand for a diesel F-150 is warranted. Ford's new 2.7L V-6 Diesel co-developed with Peugeot over in Europe, has been released. And it's quite the sophisticated unit itself.
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    Wonder how much more efficient they have gotten since the seventies use of the BMW 4.0 turbodeisel in the Lincoln...

    Let's see. Can you picture a Blue Ford oval with a "powered by" Blue and White Roundel somewhere near it? On a truck tailgate or fender?

    Boy, would it be expensive!
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    Lincoln put a 4.0L BMW diesel in one of their cars?!?!
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    These new Diesel engines from Ford/Peugeot are the most advanced 2nd Generation diesels known. And other manufacturer's will begin to implement certain ideas that have debuted on these engines.

    Plus, the current BMW 4.4L being used in the Range Rover, will be replaced by another Ford engine. Ford is buying them at around $20K a piece from BMW.
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    The package was Fords response to the GM fiasco of converting a gas engine to be a diesel and souring the US market.

    It was the engine that BMW put in their mid eighties 540td model. TurboDiesel with a control module that adjusted the timing of the fuel injection to optimize efficiency. Quiet, little smoke, and very impressive.

    They were used in a Motor Home called a Vixen as well.

    Gotta read up on this new 4.4/Ford venture. BMW stuff is overpriced, but it is good.
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    Lincoln offered a diesel engine "from BMW" (I believe it was really built by the Austrian firm of Steyr-Daimler-Puch, but BMW marketed and supported it)in the 1984 Mark VII. It was an I-6 and really didn't sell that well.

    I was just getting out of high school then (now I'm showing my age!).
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