Need help on unknown major issue in 1999 Mercury Mountaineer!

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Hey everyone, thanks for the help.

I have a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer (5.0L V8) that has been causing me some major headaches this week.

On Sunday I had driven the vehicle for about 5 miles and encountered the problem for the first time. I was in a parking lot trying to find a place to park and suddenly my car died on me without any warning. Engine just went dead, no jumps or bumps. I was able to recognize the problem and coast it into a parking spot luckily. It would not start immediately, engine just kept turning over. I checked oil, antifreeze, ATF, and made sure that everything was in order - and it was. I went and ran my errands and came back 10 minutes later and it fired right up.

I was able to drive another 5 miles to the grocery store and there, once again as I was finding parking (another low speed situation.. hmm) it silently died on me again. Had to get pushed into a parking spot this time. Again, started up after about a 10 minute wait. I went immediately home.

Decided to change fuel filter, which I thought may have worked as I was able to commute the short distance from home to school every day this week.. until today.

I went to leave school today and it wouldn't start up. After disconnecting the negative battery cable and reconnecting it, it started up and I left for home. With a half mile left to make it home, it silently died in flight going about 30 and I had to think quick to get it into a parking lot. Same deal... sat there for ten minutes, fired right up and went on my way home and parked it.

Obviously there is a major system failure somewhere and it is very unsafe to drive a vehicle that will die in flight. I'm just not sure what exactly the problem is. If anybody thinks that they know what is going on, please post! I'll also check back to answer any clarifying questions.



  • thehandymanthehandyman Member Posts: 5
    Hey Cody check and replace your fuel pump when it is going out it gets overheated working to hard to push the amount if fuel needed to run the motor. In some vehicles there is a kill switch I have the same vehicle year and all. I just went through that problem myself and this is what I did. Now it isn't the cheep eat way to go but it worked on mine.
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