F-150 Supercrew vs. DblCab Tacoma

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I know, this is hard to compare. However, this is where I find myself right before decison time to purchase. I enjoy the back seat room that each of these provide. Both are 4x2, the F150 has the 8 cycl. and the Taco has a 6 cycl. Price is only about $1000 higher for the F150. Anybody got any advice. It would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    it might be worth waiting for both the 04 supercrew or the upcoming doublecab Tundra due out this fall. Just a thought. Also, the Tacoma seems much smaller inside, I'm surprised you are comparing it to a full size truck. It seems like the two serve very different needs at least as far as passenger room goes.
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    If you are looking for a "cargo carrying SUV", the quad cab F-150 is hard to beat. If adults will be riding in the back seats for any distance, or if you will be carrying clients back there, the Tacoma is a poor choice. I wouldn't even want my children riding very far in those seats. I understand the Tundra will be available in a quad cab next year, but if true it will cost a lot more than the Ford, I'm sure.
    If you wait for the '04 Ford you can probably steal an '03 because this is going to be a model change year. I bet they will have some awesome rebates on the '03.
    Tacoma is a better choice for a lot of reasons, but people-hauling ain't one of them.
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    The F-150 Crew is a totally differnt truck than the Taco crew. No comparison really. The Ford offeres a much bigger cabin, much more comfortible seats and a honking V-8 instead of a V-6. No biggie if gas mileage isn't a concern for you. If you are using the back seat for gear, the Taco is adequate for small stuff, the Ford just offers a lot more room. For people, the Ford is just more comfortible over the long haul, expecially full-sized adults. Sort of depends on your pocket book and what you plan to use it for.
    I have driven both. The Taco Crew Pre-Runner is much more nimble and quick, a great City vehicle that offers the convenience of a truck, and still the room for passengers (for short trips). The Ford is gonna eat some gas in the City and is bigger and more cumbersome to manuever in traffic. Out on the hiway, there is no comparison, the F-150 would win hands down in power, comfort and room. It gets great gas mileage on the open hwy also.
    If money isn't a big object, I'd wait and check out the Tundra Crew cab coming out for 'o4. I think you can get it in both a V-6 and a V-8, but not sure.
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    Just wondering if anyone had heard what, if any, changes were coming for next year, like maybe a longer bed for the Taco Crew? I like the roomier cabin, but need a bit longer bed????

    Tried to buy one this year, but dealers aren't giving rebates on the Crew Cab in AZ. They say they are just selling too good to need to offer incentives.

    Anything different in any other parts of the country?
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    yes i said it.
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    In town I had a strong preference for my Taco ,but on long trips it was pretty uncomfortable.In fact Tacoma's uncomfortable seats are legandary on these very pages.

    On the other hand ,try parking the Super Crew at the mall.
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    Thanks for all your help. There really wasn't a comparison once I really looked at it. I got the Ford F-150 Supercrew, with Stainless Steel step bars, Towing package, Line-X, and extended bedliner for $24,000 OTD. Pretty good deal I thought considering for the same options on the Taco was running 23,100 OTD. Thanks again.
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    Enjoy your new pickup :-)
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    Congrats and good luck with it!
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    How 'bout that Ford? How do you like it so far?
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