Need opinion with what to do with flood salvage car bought on eBay?

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Bought a car on ebay that was listed as flood damage out of michigan supposedly freshwater and not much water at the time. got it for a pretty good deal so was going to take a chance. have driven 1k or so miles all good.
I recieved a bill of sale and a title inspection certificate copy, says they will mail me the salvage title from Michigan when it arrives.

Well it has been a month, the dealer (seller) says the state of Michigan is just slow. My temp tag has since ran out. I know sounds like a I got a good screwing, guess I could turn it into a dog house or something.

My question is could I just skip this guy and see if I can get it inspected in Tennessee and titled here and forget him and Michigan?



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    May be time to check the buyer protection plan on eBay.
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    So it is probably unlikely that I could get it inspected and titled in Tennessee?
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    Pretty sure you are going to need a title in most states, unless you can get the DMV to take some sort of affidavit with the bill of sale. First off, I'd just try to get another temp registration.

    When I lived in Michigan ('10 - '14), I found the DMV stuff to be very fast. But I lived in a small county with less than 10,000 people. Wayne County would be a different story.
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