Rough Idle and Burning Smell

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Was driving home just now when my car (2003 Dodge Caravan SE) started acting strange. Stopped at a light, it started going back and forth a little, like the transmission was stopping and starting. As I drove I noticed that it kept doing that when I had the accelerator pressed slightly. When I pressed the accelerator more fully, the problem seemed to mostly (not completely) go away.

When I got home (after driving like that for about 2 miles), it seemed worse. When I stopped the car and had it idling in Park, the engine died. I was able to restart the engine, but it seemed like it was having trouble staying on (though it did for a minute or two until I turned it off).

When I got out of the car, I noticed a bad smell coming from the engine, like burning. Also noticed a loud sound, like knocking.

My first thought was that I didn't have any oil. So I checked the oil and the transmission fluid. Both were fine.

After about an hour I restarted the car, and it wasn't doing it anymore. Maybe because the car had cooled down?

Any ideas on what this might be or what else I can check?


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