Electrical Problems

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I bought this car 5 months ago everything worked fine except there was no cruise control. I bought an aftermarket deck and a sub had a friend try to install it with no luck told me amp was bad he thought so I put factory deck back in. Motor blew in the car and I had that replaced. Now cruise control works, bought a new amp went to have this installed and they told me deck was no good went to put in factory deck again now it doesn't even work it lights up the button but not the screen and no sound also interior lights do not work neither does cruise control or ODB reader port everything else seems to work, sunroof, cig lighter, headlights ect, I checked all fuses inside car and under hood their all good, I checked stereo wires red and yellow both have full power going into them. I don't know if all these issues are related or what's going on anyone have any suggestions?


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    Did u bypass factory built in amp? U have to hook it on bolt under/behind backseat on drivers side and the built in ap 7 have to take whole backseat side panel etc on drivers side and amp is bolted there... Also I would recommend flushing the Sunroof draining tubes one in each roof corner under inside roofing cover . .( Which if radio ever starts to sounds staticy that's why)
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