Why no voltage to Air Suspension Switch in trunk of 1997 Lincoln Town Car?

jacobtxfiddlerjacobtxfiddler Member Posts: 1
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I have a 1997 Lincoln Town Car. The "Check Air Suspension" light came on a few days ago. The car is still sitting level and rides ok. When I press down on rear bumper I do not hear compressor coming on. Checked fuses and relay. When I disconnect wiring from Air Suspension Switch in trunk and test with my meter I am not getting any voltage. I have an analog meter and the needle might move slightly but it's no where near 12 volts. Any idea where my problem might be?


  • bhiggbhigg Member Posts: 5
    could have an in-line fuse or broken wire ,or bad connection. i would trace wire back to fuse box and check continuity through wire.
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