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Hi, I've been looking for the 2004 F150 discussion board but cannot seem to find it. When I click the consumer discussion board link in the 04 F150 truck info page it links to 2003 Chevy Silverado. Can you please investigate? Thanks,


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    Welcome to Town Hall! We have an archived (read only) discussion for this vehicle, and you can e-mail the pickups board host at [email protected] and ask that it be reactivated or we can leave this topic up that you've created and see if it generates some discussion!

    Meanwhile, I'll investigate the bad link.


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    You might investigate some of the F-150 sites around the web. There is some discussion, but not really lots of information yet.

    I did read that there was a large media test drive of new Ford F-150's recently in Arizona at the Ford proving grounds. There were trucks from the other manufacturers to compare the Ford with.

    As I understand it the media cannot release any information till July 1 2003 on their impressions of the test drives.

    I remember reading that a reporter/test driver was there from Edmunds.com
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    is hard to come by. Could be worse - the blackout on the Dakota and Durango is complete, no information to be had that's worth having.
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    On Tuesday June 10th, the first F-150 was driven off by Bill Ford at the Norfolk Assembly plant. The Norfolk plant was chosen to start up production first, because it has received JDPowers award for top new-truck quality. The other factories will be phased in the new truck production as capacity ramps up.

     The first new pickup which was a red F150 SuperCab Lariat, also contained the 100,000,000th V-8 engine in Ford's history. The 5.4L 3V Triton engine was built at the Essex Engine Plant in Windsor.
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    Ford will install a new option for 2004 on all its trucks. They will all have a heated tailgate so that the owner has a nice warm spot to sit while waiting for the tow truck.
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    Pricing has just been released, following link shows the options/trim levels, etc.
    Source: Ford Media.

    http://media.ford.com/products/press_article_display.cfm?article_- id=15804&vehicle_id=857&make_id=92
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    I thought the new o4 150 would have the new diesel 6.0 option? or is this late availablity?
    what can you get with this diesel???? i here the new 6.0 rocks and is better than the 7.2
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    That's 7.3L, that engine is being replaced with a 6.0L, although because of supplier problems (Navistar) the first applications of that engine haven't been too reliable. The new one's being produced have shown better results.

    The 6.0L is only available on the heavy duty F-series trucks. No word yet on having such an engine on the F-150, originally an aborted 4.5L version of that engine, was to make the F-150, but because of emmissions phase-in, it was aborted. Therefore do not expect the 6.0L on the F-150 anytime soon.
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    I would think there would be a great market for a Diesel F-150, Expedition & even Navigator? Evidently Ford doesn't think so?
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    Ford has recently formed a "Diesel" team, to study the feasability of such engines on certain vehicles. Ford's new 2.7L V-6 over in Europe is quite capable of being planted in numerous sedan's in N.A., and from that engine, a larger displacement engine could also be used for heftier vehicles.
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    Now, we're talking. Thanks.
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    Here is a link to the owner's manual for the upcoming F-150. This shows the possible options, toys, gadgets, accesories, instrument panel layout, stereo layout, etc. It's a large .PDF format file.

    https://web.msslib2.dealerconnection.com/RightSite/getcontent/myf- ile.pdf?DMW_OBJECTID=09000c58803913ac
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    I wouldn't expect any diesel for the F-150 too soon.
    Ford has one new gas engine and one new diesel, the 6.0L, to finish debugging - and that inevitably takes a couple of years. There's supposed to be a V-6 gas engine in the works for the F-150, presumably a truncated version of the 3-valve gas engine (which is getting very good reviews). That's a lot of money and engineer time tied up right there. How many can you do at once?
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    There's a question over in Bye-Bye-Bird that you may be able to help with, if you don't mind, about the "official" discontinuation of the Thunderbird...

    moj1 "Bye, Bye Bird?" Aug 2, 2003 10:05pm
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    The 6.0L bugs are supplier related, Navistar. This year, some of the components of the 6.0L have been altered, for improvement.

    The V-6 engine the F-150 might receive, is from the enlarged Duratec engine family 3.0L to a bored out 3.5L V-6, and will feature Dual Overhead Cams, as well as Variable Valve Timing. The 3Valve engines are only for the Triton V8/V10. So far the next engine to receive the 3Valve treatment will be the 4.6L V8. This will allow it to attain higher Horsepower levels, so the 3.5L V6 can be introduced (which will have almost, if not better HP than the current 4.6L).
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    That v-6 is probably the engine I'd want, since I won't be towing or carrying genuinely hefty loads.
    Pity, it's another year away, and then two years for complete debugging. I don't know if my 1993 Explorer will go that long, but it might; v-6 seems sound at 160K, no body rust worth mentioning. On the other hand, we're reading a lot about how much stiffer the 150 frame has become. Perhaps it WOULD accomodate a diesel, though I haven't read that one if in the works, or even in the plans, at this time.... If a V-6, then an inline 6 would probably fit, and deliver better torque at ordinary speeds. Has Ford had an I-6 in production within the past 10-15 years?
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    If Ford is correct that the 3-valve arrangement produces almost as much improvement over 2 as does a 4 valve engine, but with a notable reduction in complexity, then Ford's put one up over Toyota. Hope it's so, since I believe all of the bigger JApanese engines are 4-valve, and Ford will need every price advantage it can find.
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    Personally, I think getting the 6 is a mistake. I don't think you'll save much gas, and it will be pretty gutless. Actually, I think the 4.6L may be a little light on HP.
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        Actually Ford's Triton 4.6L, 5.4L have one upped every other mainstream manufacturer's V8's (I'm mentioning mainstream since I will not compare the techonology of a Mercedes Benz S600 Super luzury sedan, to something that's on a mainstream product like the F-150 and such).
        Remember, Toyota doesn't have much of a history with V8 engines. It's not till the introduction of the Ls400 in 90's, that they needed to jump on the wagon. And from that, their advancements led to the 4.7L V8. All those years, the hefty Land Cruiser had to do it's work with a 6 cylinders.
        Fords V-8 have received for 5 out of 6 years, Wards Automotive (Best 10 Engines) awards, and the new improvements to the 5.4L will surely make it into this years 10 Best again. Why? (As they and others state) is the ability to produce good power, at low RPM. For years (mainly 90's) OHC and DOHC engines were critisized because their power was achieved mainly by smashing the throttle, and making the tach needle jump high to extract power. But as techonology progressed (and Fords) they were able to prove, this wasn't the case.
        Previous argument (At least GM's was) well our engines make more torque... But what good might it be if you must hit 4200-4500 RPM to extra it. For trucks, you need the power download. And Ford V8's have usually made 80% of their torque from 1200-1800 RPM's.
        The VCT system on the 5.4L allows it to extract extra power, along a broader band, not to mention it's flexible as well, and will be used in 4V variety, as well as supercharged, in case of the lightning. During this time, we have Toyota's 4.7L which is good, but it's nothing orgasmic considering Ford can extra the same, if not extra power from their 2V 4.6L at that. (Which will receive the 3V treatment as well after the 5.4, so will the 6.8L V-10).
       As for the 3.5L, it's an enlarged version of the 3.0L Duratec. And just like the 2.5L, grew into the 3.0L, they weren't prone to have any bugs upon their introduction. It's actually quite a good engine overall, and quite reliable overall. So the 3.5L shouldn't have any bugs once it's introduced. I'm more concerned about the 100,000 other problems a vehicle can have, than the engine itself which might be just constitute 5% of the overall potential of problems.
        Ford does have a current I-6, but it's not really Fords... it's the 2.9L I-6 in the. Ford did have plans for an Inline 5 cylinder engine, stemming and possible I-6 stemming from the 2.3L I-4, now in the Mazda6, and Focus. It was a 2.8L and 3.XL, But that has changed. Ford will Focus on just 3-4 engine families.
         I-6 have a practical purpose, if it depends on packaging, and in some ways is efficient, and wear much less than typical V engines, but now a days, with all the techonology overkill in vehicles nowadays, such issues aren't much of a concern.
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    Well, the local dealer expects to have new F 150s on the showroom floor at the end of the month. I'll be there to see them, and check out the rear seat space on the extended cab. If it's adequate for people bigger then your average 8 year old, then I need not spend the price premium for a gen-u-wine crew cab.
    A year to allow for necessary customer debugging, and then I'll take a harder look.
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    Well, I have to chime in and agree with ANT, from experience. The Ford V-8 family of engines is just awesome IMHO. Great durability, great performance all across the band, and great efficiency too. Smooth, quiet, powerful and reliable, and every bit as good as the Japanese V-8s out there.
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    I was wondering why there wasn't talk about the 2004 F-150 in the pickup group. Since the the 2004 F-150 is on sale now, should this discussion be listed under pickups also?

    I also read at the blue oval news group that there has been some type of frame problem that stoppped production. Any others hear this??
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    On the BON site, could you tell me under which heading that article is listed under?
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    I've seen that too. It's mentioned in the forums, and on some other Ford-related sites as well. One person had pics of a HUGE field FULL of new F150s which were allegedly being held for repairs.

    -Andrew L
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    Ok, it hit me then. I was making sure it was "FRAME FRAME", and NOT the seat frame from the Expy/Navi that just recently was uncomvered.
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    It was in the blue oval news forum - F150.
  • ANT14ANT14 Member Posts: 2,687
    Yes, got it. I had to go back in my memory book. It's been "one of those weeks"....
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    Ant, correct me if I'm wrong...but Honda was doing 3-valve engines in much, much smaller engines a few years ago. This is the first use of such a design in a truck engine, is it not? ... and is there an official time frame for the redesign of the V-10 as a 3 valve engine? I don't know how old that one is.
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    I'm not that familiar with Honda engineering/engines, etc. If it's pre-90, my knowledge to their vehicles is limited.

    MercedesBenz does use 3V's which they use on their 3.2L OHC V6. Although they kept the output pretty much the same, over the previous 3.2L unit, torque output was increased through-out the whole RPM range. Something Variable Valve Timing can do now, much more efficiently. Ford has gone the extra step, and done both of the above mentioned, which is why we are seeing higher overall HP and TQ, in it's similar displacement.

    On the opposite extreme, VW/Audi's have 5V's in their 1.8L engines. With the above mentioned engines, Ford succeeds in that it qill require regular grade fuel, whereas VW's/MB require premium.

    Next possible question: If Ford used premium fuel VERSION on their new 3V 5.4L's, would they make more power overall? Yes certainly, BUT ONLY if SUCH a version were to be made, and compression would be altered to benefit from premium fuel, where gains in HP and TQ would be attained. (look for 4V to keep using Premium)
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    Ant, your auto brain is eminently worth pickin'. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing the new truck.
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    I'm surprised ANT has any brain left when we're all through pickin it over!
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    To think, I've had a hellacious week thus far and on one forum, I accidently released some info ahead of time and realizing it hours/days later. I believe next week I should be able to get issues here in order enough for me to "THINK", before I shoot my mouth :)
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    Driving by my local dealer today, there was a new 2004 F150, nice...
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    Driving on the interstate today, I saw the local high volume Ford dealer had six (6) 2004 F-150s sitting out front. But he still has about 600 2003 F-150s sitting in his back lot to move. Have to check them out on way to work before salesmen get there (6:15 am).
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    I hope Ford is not banking on this new truck to revive itself . Just seen the truck at the unveiling at local dealership. Needless to say I was Disappointed. The trucks looked BLAH, even the sporty STX . About the only thing I liked was the Dash. The seat material sucks,The front end was cheap, The door mirrors were cheap, The steps came off the explorer,cheap, They skimped on the wheel flares. Oh ya this truck is 800lbs heavier. For all the future buyers , better get the 5.4L you'll need it. The msrp of the best one they had (STX) was $34k+. I'll keep my 02 for a long time.
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    My, you ARE a bomb thrower, aren't you? Guess I'd better go check one of these out for myself.
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    Gee. Not even a test drive to see if you liked it?
    I got my wife behind the wheel of an '04 F-150 last weekend. She took it for a drive around a parking lot, couldn't work up the nerve to leave it ... she liked it. She liked the interior, liked the design WAAY better then a Ram, was struck by the quiet within the cab and by the easy steering .... helps to take a test drive, it really does. I think that if the build quality doesn't open a door for the Titan and the 2005/06 Toyota truck, the new F-150 will be fine. The weight is a concern... somewhat. However, the V-10 is going to get the same 3-valve remake as the 5.4 got, and I wonder if the stiffer 150 frame might not accommodate it. In the alternative, I see no reason why a work truck shouldn't have aluminum paneling, or plastic if it come to that: if you take it on a job site, it's gonna get dented, and I don't care WHAT it's made of - dents happen. The longer frame on the Titan will either weigh as much, or flex more: you pays you money and you takes you choice.
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    Actually, the frame of the F-150 can support the power of a V-10 if need be. All depends on development resources.
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    Sat in an 04 Lariat SuperCab on the showroom last night. Very nice truck.


    Air Filter sits on top of engine and can be replaced in seconds.
    Grill goes up with the hood making it easy to wash bugs out of the radiator, yet is a seperate piece to keep repair cost reasonable.
    Fit and finish at first glance are light years ahead of previous fords and the current crop of domestics.


    This was supposed to be the top to the line but had no power passenger seat or power sliding rear window.

    The fake wood trim looks cheesy IMO. I liked the dash in the XLT, FX4 and even the base model better.

    No 20" wheels offered even as an option.

    They had 6 trucks to look at in various trim levels with no supercrews expected for two weeks. IMO all of the wheels they offer are ugly. They need to take a hard look at the nice 20" chrome rims dodge offers.
    I'll hold off on a test drive until the Titan and Tundra Double Cab are out and then drive them all.
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    Does anyone know if Ford has taken steps to improve on last year's poor crash test results? I am interested in an 4wd supercab and don't know whether to go for a leftover or wait for a 2004.

  • ANT14ANT14 Member Posts: 2,687
    The structure is 2 times stronger than last years offerings, and Ford has stated it should score very well in the NHTSA and IIHS crash tests. The ratings you saw were for an extended cab model that was tested by ONE of those agencies, while the other tested another 'configuration' and did very well. You can wait a few months for them to retest the vehicle again.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,212
    isn't that offset crash test like running into a bridge abutment, or a toll booth, or something like that?
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • ANT14ANT14 Member Posts: 2,687
    Pretty much, but that's the old model, new one is much improved.
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    what is fords problem when it comes to tires. I really like fords, but if there is one complaint, its with the tire packages they offer. The look of the 4/4's with the standard tires is horrible, and the upgrade size is not a lot better. way to much space between top of tire and wheel well. seen a new dodge ram the other day , had the 20" tires on it, looked good.
  • ANT14ANT14 Member Posts: 2,687
    More space = More room for tire travel over rock climbing.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    My Navigator has 18" wheels on it, and nice big Michelin Pilots. No complaints here.......
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    Where can I buy new rims for my F-150 Supercrew because I have 16" rims looking for 18". Don't want no chrome rims to old for that type of look.
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    I recently bought the 2003 supercrew. I liked the looks of the 2004 but it did not have as good a deal and it seemd too big.

    For me the 2003 F-150 was a bit of stretch in size. The 2004 is taller and seems overall bigger.

    Does anyone else think the 2004 are too big?
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    I checked out the '04 at the Austin Show. Lot's of things I like better about the '04. But what engineer decided to put a Home Depo sized shelf on the doors right where the feet need to pass to get in/ot of the truck. At 6'1 & size 12 shoes, I had to open doors pretty wide to get foot between door & rocker panel....
  • ANT14ANT14 Member Posts: 2,687
    The usual occurs when redesigning a vehicle, a few inches here and there are gained, but I would say maybe the feeling of the F-150 being "too big" might be more about it's imposing styling. Whereas the previous F-150's curvaceousness was able to mask it's big dimensions, this new one just flaunts them. The Titan itself is a bit bigger by a few millimeter's over the new F-150 on some dimensions, how do you perceive that vehicles size?
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