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Nissan Rogue brake problem or not

danpf1danpf1 Member Posts: 89
edited June 2015 in Nissan
I own a new Nissan Rogue SV FWD. I like the SUV very much, but noticed the more miles I put on it, the softer the brake peddle feels. I complained to the service manager and he ordered a new master cylinder, replaced it today and it still feels the same. I asked for the old one back, he showed me the box that the old one was being shipped back and said he could not give it back because it is a warranty issue. Then he told me that the new Nissan brake system is an electric assist instead of a vacuum booster system and that is why the brake peddle has a soft feel when braking. Has anyone else who owns a 2015 Rogue experienced a soft brake peddle and a drop in peddle pressure when applying the brakes. Is it true that the electric assist brake system causes the peddle to drop and become softer when applying the brakes?

Would like to hear from other new Rogue owners if they have had this same experience with their brakes. Thanks


  • danpf1danpf1 Member Posts: 89
    like to make a change to my first post about the soft peddle problem I am experiencing with my 2015 Nissan Rogue. After talking to another service manager I found that the brake booster is vacuum controlled not electronic controlled and that he thought the first manager was referring to the ABS system and the modulator valve which are controlled by electronics and the ECM. Still doesn't solve my soft peddle problem. I will try a second Nissan dealer ship and see what they say. I'm beginning to think this is a trait that all Nissan products share. My 2001 pathfinder had a soft peddle but not as soft as the Rogue.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,744
    Brake pedal feel is something that needs to be learned by the techs and different cars do feel different depending on how much assist has been engineered into the system. What we do is with the engine off, bleed off all of the assist by pumping the pedal several times. A good system will then have a high and very hard pedal. Now wait five seconds and hit the pedal one time memorizing the distance that it traveled and how much effort is being applied to it. Now pump the pedal about five times in three seconds and hold again and see if the pedal travel changed when it was pumped. Then release the pedal, wait five seconds and then apply it once and hold it again.

    If the brake system is correct there will be no difference in the pedal height whether it is pumped or not. Then hold the pedal and start the engine without changing the pressure you are applying with your foot. The pedal should drop away as the booster charges with vacuum and helps you push the pedal. If this outline describes what you are feeling then there may be nothing wrong with your car and you are just comparing two systems that different amounts of assist.
  • danpf1danpf1 Member Posts: 89
    This seems to be the case the peddle holds fine but there is a drop of about two inches before the peddle gets hard and when I release the peddle it always drops a couple of inches before getting hard, is this normal? When starting the engine it takes the booster a while to recover and when I hit the brake the peddle drops about two or three inches before stopping the car and while driving when I hit the brake easy will either slow the car down or the peddle will drop a couple inches before slowing the car, it varies from time to time and temp. doesn't seem to make a difference. Is this normal?
  • danpf1danpf1 Member Posts: 89
    Update, after taking my car back to the dealer, they were able to fix the problem. what did they do, I don't know. they called to have me pick it up, the service manager didn't say what they fixed. I drove it home and the brakes worked fine. Its been about two weeks and they are still working fine. I also noticed the pads bite better now. The service dept. had the car for about four days before calling me to pick it up.
  • rcdoc_2018rcdoc_2018 Member Posts: 3
    i own a 2018 rogue. Mine did not stop very well right off of the show room floor. after almost wrecking it 4 different times Nissan got a factory tech to take a look at it. it was at the dealer for 5 weeks . Nissan would not return the my rogue back to me due to the almost wrecking the car. as now it was in writing on the work order and Nissan had already made 3 attempts on repairing it . the final fix was a brake booster, brake master cylinder and an abs module as well as replacing the front and rear passenger side brake hoses. now it stops but not like my 2012 altima. I feel that this new way of controlling the brakes with electronics has taken the brake feel away from the driver.
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