No start issue

toochmantoochman Member Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Dodge
2006 dodge ram 1500 mega cab 4wd. Truck started and ran fine yesterday. Today, got in , turned the key, and nothing. All lights in dash come on, I hear fuel pump,
I hear starter relay click, but starter does nothing. All fuses good, I have a good battery, there is power to starter, but it looks like when I try to start it the power is not going from relay to starter.


  • mescesmesces Member Posts: 1
    Having the same issue with my 1996 Ram 1500. It did the same thing about a year ago and suddenly didn't have the problem any more. This about two weeks ago it started again. It reached a point that the truck has been sitting for a week and will do nothing when you turn the ignition switch. I charged the battery (it really didnt need it), I have changed starter relay and it started once but then when I turned the key off and tried to restart it I got the same thing and it hasn't done anything since.
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