AC problem - 2010 Enclave

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Are there any recalls on the problematic AC system used in the Enclave? I've had this car for 3 years and have had it in the shop for numerous other recalls. The AC is now not blowing cold at an idle and hardly blowing cold off idle. I see there are thousands of complaints about this with the Enclave alone. Not to mention the other GM cars on this same platform. I really like supporting US manufacturer's but I'm loosing faith in their abilities. I really hope GM will stand behind this obvious flaw that thousands are experiencing. Can anyone chime in with their resolutions. And some GM rep help.   


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    I am feeling the same way!!! We have now spent 1800 dollars "fixing" our 2010 Enclave's A/C. 3 "leaking hoses" at 600 dollars a piece and still not working. Now they say it is "in the dash" and want 1300 dollars more to fix that. Surely they have had other problems with these cars as I can see from this forum. I am extremely disappointed as I love everything else about this vehicle. We got no resolution from out dealer they were still expecting us to pay another 1300 dollars when I drove away in the 96 degree heat.....
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    I have a 2008 Enclave that I bought used from a local dealer about 2 years ago. My front AC just went out (rear/AUX works) so I finally took it to my mechanic (not the dealer). He called and asked me if anyone had worked on the blower motor or compressor (in the dash). I said not that I know of, why? He then told me that some of the screws were missing and that whomever worked on this last clearly was trying to fix it "enough" so that it would seem okay, but it was missing screws that held it all together that was causing one of the two to overheat then short out the other (or something). So $400 later I have had it fixed. I hope that helps!
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