Battery Charging Problem

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I'm having an issue with my Honda Civic 2012. I got the battery replaced 2 months ago but when I go to turn on the car, it takes too long to crank (start up) considering the battery is so young. I went to AutoZone to get a free test and it turns out the battery was only holding 89% charge and the alternator was only putting out 12.5 Volts.

My mechanic concluded (he is still unsure though) that this is an alternator issue. We are both pretty doubtful because this is too young of a vehicle for the alternator to go out like this. I ran my VIN number to see if there are any recalls but there are none.

Anyone have this problem?

Also, does anyone know what a Technical Service Bulletin is? American Honda (the corporate contact) told me that I can check if there are any TSBs vehicle. I am not sure how to do that so if you can direct me, I will really appreciate it.


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    You can find them in the links in this article:

    How Can a Technical Service Bulletin Help Me?

    You can also find TSBs at and occasionally they'll have the full text of the TSB available.

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    How long is too long? Like a few extra secs or so, does it still start the first time u press start/turn your key? Mine won't start the first couple times sometimes, it's the worst! It gets close but stops after 10s, which feels like forever. I'd rather have a key like my old civic, I never ever tried for longer than a few secs, even when I was low on gas, so 10s feels like forever. People just stare at me for some reason, one guy shook his head, tapped on my window just to tell me I was turning my key too long


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