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According to Edmund's future vehicle section, Saturn is coming out with a 200 hp Ion Redline in the fall of 2004. Does anyone know anything more about this car?

With the Dodge SRT-4 and Subaru WRX out currently, the probable release of the Civic Type-R (or an upgraded SI) and the 237 hp Golf GTI, the sport compact market will start heating up by the end of 2003. Saturn must make the '04 vehicle available by the end of 2003 if they want to be competitive. If they wait to make an '05 vehicle in the winter of 2004, the vehicle must be extremely light at 200 hp, extremely reliable and extremely inexpensive. Otherwise, there will be too much competition in this market (most likely upgrades will come to the Ford Focus SVT and Nissan Sentra Spec V). However, the addition of a supercharger instead of a turbo is a good move for Saturn.


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    Saturn has some info on the Redline Ion on their website. I did not see a horsepower figure. GM does have supercharged ecotech engines that make more than 200 horsepower. You will have to wait and see. I think all the uprades to the car seem great. About the only Issue with the redline that I have is I would not want a spoiler on my car.If most ferraris can due without a spoiler, so could many other cars.I can not afford a redline, but if I could, I might pass without a no spoiler option. I do think the mesh grille option sounds cool. I expect the Redline to be great and a sucess. Time will tell.
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    The saturn red line will come with 200HP.It will have a eaton supercharger.They say in motortrend mag the saturn beats the acura tsx and rsx, performance wise.
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    but not the Neon SRT
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    According to a recent AutoWeek article about the Chevy HHR( - - - - - _code=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=00634185 ), the Ion Red Line will have more horsepower than most people have been saying: "GM will offer a four-cylinder, supercharged, 220-hp engine in the Saturn Ion Redline." Is this a typo, or a very recent development that has not yet been reported on? 220 HP would give it more power than the Neon SRT-4. If true, could this engine/supercharger combination be used on the Pontiac Solstice as well?
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    Solstice was to get 240hp. Maybe the Ion will get 220 then.
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    Due to the fact that this engine will be supercharged, its power band will be wider than normal asperated engine. ie. It is possible for a supercharges car with less hp to out accelerate a higher hp car of the same weight and transmission.

    Some of these high rev cars only product torque for 2000 rpm power width. But what if you can product slightly less torque for 4500 rpm width? Then you would have more gears to choose from and a more forgiving engine with overall better/usable acceleration.

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