Infiniti G35 ac problems

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i have a 2004 infiniti g35 and i recently had the ac compressor replaced, well now i cant adjust the temp in the car using the ac dial. Is there a specific reason why?


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    Hello! I am not familiar with that vehicle, but I frequent many auto forums as a self learning tool. In my reading I ran onto something that might interest you. Following is a link to the forum I found this on, and a copy of the postings for this problem by members of that forum.

    It's a common problem on the 03-04 models. There is a recall on the radio unit but only for sedans. My coupé started doing it and it is because a circuit board known as the "finisher" fries out and kills the climate control and radio. Best fix is to get an after market double din replacement for the central console. the new unit has it's own circuit for climate control but you will need to get an after-market radio. I know I know it sucks :(

    Yes. The most cost effective solution is to buy the after-marker Metra 997604B Infiniti G35 2003-2004 2-Din Turbo Install Kit. It comes in black or gray. It costs about $160. The problem is with the controller. Your climate controls and stereo controls are on the same circuit board. The stereo plugs into this board. It is all attached to the center console where those controls are. I would suggest taking it to a car stereo installation store and have them install this kit and an after-market stereo. The dealer will violate you if you take it to them to get it fixed. They tried to charge me $1,100 to fix it. I told them to go kick rocks! This kit will have the climate controls and an opening for a double din after-market stereo. Kenwood makes a few stereos that have an accessory that will allow you to continue to use the steering wheel controls. Go to www.dealercostcaraudio and order the Kenwood DPX303 or higher version of this stero for $179. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else. You will also need to purchase the steering wheel control adapter. Installation for everything will probably cost about $100. This will save you about $600. I hope this helps. Anything I can do to prevent another dealer from raping one of it's customers.

    After reading your post I did a little more research and found the following at I've call my local Infiniti dealer and left a message. Being the weekend I hope to have my problem resolved on Monday. Thanks. Subject: 2003 G35 Sedan Audio Finisher Circuit Board Voluntary Service Campaign On some model year 2003 G35 Sedans manufactured through August 21, 2002, the audio and temperature controls may not operate as expected. When using the audio equipment or the temperature controls, the unit may become inoperative. In some cases, this can be corrected by turning the ignition switch off and back on again. In other cases, the unit remains inoperative and requires service by an Infiniti technician. To prevent this condition, Infiniti has initiated a Voluntary Service Campaign to replace the audio finisher circuit board on these vehicles at no charge to the customer for parts or labor. This campaign affects approximately 23,998 Infiniti G35 Sedans in the United States. ITB03-007 OWNER NOTIFICATION LETTER 2003 G35 Sedan Audio Finisher Voluntary Service Campaign Dear Infiniti Owner: Thank you for your purchase of an Infiniti 2003 G35 Sedan. Infiniti is committed to providing the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction as part of the Total Ownership Experience program. Through our product performance monitoring, we have identified that the audio and temperature controls may, on occasion, not operate as expected. To ensure your satisfaction and to prevent any inconvenience, Infiniti is replacing the component that controls the audio and temperature controls on your vehicle with an improved version. Your Infiniti dealer may have already contacted you to schedule an appointment and to have this component replaced, at no cost to you. If not, please contact your nearest Infiniti dealer to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. This free service should take less than two (2) hours to complete, but your Infiniti dealer may require your vehicle for a longer period of time based upon their work schedule, or parts availability. If you require alternate transportation, please schedule an appointment in advance so your Infiniti dealer can ensure a free service loan car is available for your use. If you have any questions or concerns about your Infiniti G35 Sedan, please contact your Infiniti dealer or contact an Infiniti representative toll free at (800) 662-6200. If you reside in Hawaii, please call (808) 836-0888. Thank you for providing us an opportunity to ensure ongoing satisfaction with your new Infiniti G35 Sedan. We apologize for this inconvenience. INFINITI DIVISION Nissan North America
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