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2004 FX35/45

jgrjgr Member Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in INFINITI
Does anyone know when the 2004 models come out for the FX. I was shopping yesterday in NJ and was quoted 1% over cost for the FX35. I noticed the first year depreciation is almost $10,000 for it and was wondering if I should wait for the 04's. I would hate to buy an 03 and have it depreciate almost 10K if the 04's are coming say in September.


  • ew_porscheew_porsche Member Posts: 1
    Please say which NJ dealer quoted 1% over cost. Do they have a lot FX35 in stock? Looking for FX35 with prem pkg in light color. Thanks.
  • jgrjgr Member Posts: 8
    The Dealer was Ramsey Infiniti in Upper Saddle River.
  • wibblewibble Member Posts: 569
    Rumour has it that the initial 2004 FX production is 0 and that the 2004's won't be appearing to November / December.
  • njexpressnjexpress Member Posts: 170
    DO you think it is still worth going for an 04 FX? I am really concerned about the resale; I tested an RX and an MDX back to back and decided instantly that the RX isn't for me. I will do it again with MDX and the FX. Other than the looks, the MDX strikes me as a good buy; I had no idea of getting one until I comparison shopped it, just to make sure i did not overlook anything. The depriciation is 6K at the end of year 1 based off of sticker but, if the buyer moved in during the yearend close out and got one for 2500 below MSRP, it will still be a great bargain considering that there are just double digit miles on the new car. It's comparing 2 entirely different things, te FX and the MDX but, I would apreciate your feedback.. I am currently waiting for the 04s to roll in so I could make a decision one way or the other...
  • neek21neek21 Member Posts: 2
    does anyone know when the 2004 model fx-35 is scheduled to be released??? i am stuck between getting an 03 tech and waiting for the 'improvements' on the 04....quick survey..liquid copper-is it cool or not???? does anybody have numbers on color popularity??? my second choice is diamond graphite...
  • chigirlintexaschigirlintexas Member Posts: 73
    My Dallas-area dealer tells me that the '04 FX's are due here in October, with about a $200 price increase. He also said they've partially unbundled the tech package, so you can get the navigation system without the DVD player. I'm assuming the lease residuals will be higher on the '04's, but not sure whether the deals on the '03's sitting on the lot will be better overall. I'm dying for the tech package on the FX35, but don't need the DVD player since my daughter is now in college, so it might be cheaper to wait for an '04.

    Dealer said that white (glacier pearl) is one of the most popular colors, as are the diamond graphite and then black, and silver. He had a red one, and to me, it almost looks like a flamingo (maybe it's just because it was sunset). He inferred that they wouldn't come off of MSRP, but yet he has 30 of them sitting on the lot. When I am ready to get mine, I'll see if serious negotiation makes any difference....

    Anyone hear anything different on the availability of the '04s and the tech package?
  • bigsweatybigsweaty Member Posts: 22
    I was told here in New Jersey that they will hit the lots in November.
  • kwarnoldkwarnold Member Posts: 41
    To Chigirlintexas:

    On not discounting FXs, here in Columbus, Ohio they are running them at $3000 off sticker with it painted across the windshields. My guess is that there is maybe even a little more to be had if you work it right. Like you saw, we also have a lot of them sitting on the lot here in Columbus. I shopped them back in March when they were still new and there was no discounting. Now there is. They are also running lease deals like FX45s for $499/mo (about $1600 down).

    Interesting how this has gone. I think they envisioned them flying off the lots. At least here in conservative Ohio you still don't see too many on the road.

    Good luck! Keith
  • chigirlintexaschigirlintexas Member Posts: 73
    Thanks for the info, Keith. I'm glad to see some discounting on these babies. I've been on Edmunds every day (all day on the weekends, it seems) to read about buying experiences, how people like them, and even researching other cars, but I keep coming back to the FX. It is an incredible vehicle and I cannot rest until I get one! Until then, I try to stay focused on my Cubs, who at this writing are in first place with 4 games left....and are bound to break my heart yet again. Wouldn't it be nice to console myself with a new FX???? My friends here in Dallas just don't understand.....it's a sickness for which there is no cure, except for a World Series championship.

    I have a better chance of getting the FX!

    Thanks for the info!
    GO CUBS!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Hope you are able to get your FX soon - trust me after you drive it home you will not want to rest! I felt the same anticipation as you and it's still there, whenever I need to go anywhere - it's a real road machine and you will love it.

    Good luck to your Cubbies, as long as it's not at the expense of the Twins in the World Series! <g>
  • bigsweatybigsweaty Member Posts: 22
    Any thoughts/word from others on when fx35's might start hitting the lots. In August I was told that it would be September. Now I am hearing November. Some have spoken about December and the new year. Any other experiences from dealer talk?
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    I have heard from mid October until December for the 2004's to hit the lots. (Even one rumor that there is a ship full of them on its way at this moment).

    It appears that Infiniti has delayed the production and shipment of 2004's because inventories of the 2003's are still pretty high.
  • bigsweatybigsweaty Member Posts: 22
    Now I have a dealer saying that they will come in 2-3 weeks (mid October). I hope that it will be on target because I need to buy a car soon.
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    2004's have arrived but are being held at the ports because there are too many 2003's. Some in Canada have taken delivey of their 2004's.

    Now where can I find out the dealer incentives they must have to move out the overstocked 2003's?
  • bigsweatybigsweaty Member Posts: 22
    Any thoughts on whether to take a 2003 vs 2004 FX35. I would like to purchase the car in 2-3 weeks, but if infiniti is going to creep them in, I may have to either choose a different car or get a 2003. It seems that infiniti made some mechanical changes to the car, not just cosmetic stuff, so I am tempted to wait for a little while longer to get a 2004.
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    The base msrp for the 2004 went up about $150.

    The packages have been separated. A fx35 with premium and sport will run you about $800 more for a 2004 than a 2003.
  • bigsweatybigsweaty Member Posts: 22
    Where is the pricing data for the new 2004 Fx's with options?
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Member Posts: 97
    I got it from a dealer.
  • hankychiefhankychief Member Posts: 1
    I'm a newbie here, but I've really benefited from everyone's messages.

    I'm going to be picking up a 2004 FX35 AWD with sport, premium, and technology packages next week. Several Southern California dealerships will be getting the 2004 models beginning 11/3 (Monday).
  • ncvolncvol Member Posts: 196
    I talked to a dealer tonight and he mentioned that changes for 2004 would include softening the ride a bit and putting a height control to raise up the front passenger seat.
  • aas5aas5 Member Posts: 50
    The improvements in the 2004 model were posted on www.nissannews.com:

    GARDENA, Calif. (October 8, 2003) &#150; Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan North America, Inc., today announced 2004 model year pricing on the breakthrough Infiniti FX45 and FX35 premium crossover SUV. In 2004, FX continues to offer a unique combination of aggressive styling, outstanding performance and luxury car comfort.

    The all-wheel drive FX45, with its standard 315-horsepower V8 engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and long list of luxury features, starts at a Manufacturer&#146;s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $44,375. A powerful V6 engine version, the FX35 features a MSRP of $35,850 for the all-wheel drive model, while the rear-wheel drive model begins at a MSRP of $34,350.

    Enhancements for the 2004 FX include a refined suspension for improved ride comfort, a new 8-way power passenger seat that replaces the previous 4-way design, available aluminum roof rails and 20-inch chrome-plated wheels, new dark silver metallic finish added to 20-inch wheels (for non-chrome wheels), standard HVAC air filter added on all models, and the addition of a Snow-Mode function (shifts throttle input algorithm in low-speed slippery road conditions once activated by the driver for enhanced traction).

    I've also noticed that by spliting the Tech package for FX45 (they now offer DVD entertainment system separately) they've raised prices by about $800 for the Tech package.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    In Columbus. Dealer was wonderful to work with. Got a deal at 1000 over MSRP. For such a new car I was happy with the deal. Edmunds reported most people were paying sticker.

    Copper/Brick. Touring and Tech with Sirius Sat Radio (my first sat radio), cargo area protector, and splash guards. The touring package on the FX 35 includes all the Premium equipment as you probably know. Went with the 18 inch wheels since there just was not one with the configuration I wanted and including 20 inch wheels. I'm okay with that and it may even help soften the ride just a bit.

    My take after living with one for two days? The dealer let me have one for a couple of days to try it out prior to my purchase. It was a Black/Black with Touring and Tech and 20 inch Chrome wheels.

    Nav system is one of the best I've seen and I am a regular user of Garmins Street Pilot III. I like the Birds Eye view and so far the maps have been complete. Ride is crisp but steady. You might spill your coffee on a bumpy road. Acceleration is fun and quick but this is not a race car and those looking for a screamer will be dissappointed. Exhaust note is very pleasing; it even has a raspy bark when you push it.

    The seats are easily the best I've had. I have been driving a Porsche (Boxster) back and forth to work and the seats in the FX35 are MUCH better. The fit is perfect, lumbar support very good and the side bolsters hold you in nice and snug. Buy the car for the seats and your won't be dissappointed.

    I could go on and on but I'll finish with the sound system. Really, really nice. The subwoofer is in a special isolated device located in the spare wheel of all places. I thought it was a bit strange but the effect is great.

    Get the tech package; lots of toys for those long drives.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Congrats on a great deal! Be sure to let us know how you like it after you put some miles on it.

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  • rimrockranchrimrockranch Member Posts: 4
    I'm also considering the FX. Let me make sure I understand: you bought a 2004 FX35 for $1,000 over invoice? Sounds like a good deal!
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    That's correct. I am rounding a bit, my information indicated they made 1015 over invoice but frankly, I have never been sure any dealers cost was accurately reflected on any paper they offered to share. However, Edmunds seemed to support their claim.

    I am glad to share more after a few miles. I pick it up on the 10th, tomorrow. I did like the black but was afraid of the work necessary to keep it nice and I do think the lighter colors show off the body lines which I think are quite nice.

    This is my first SUV by the way, so it will be an adventure.
  • tchaloemtchaloem Member Posts: 1
    For you comparison shoppers out there:

    I just bought a 2004 FX35 with touring, sports, splash guards, all weather mats, and cargo area protector for $38000 before taxes, or approximately $750 over invoice. It took a pretty good amount of dealing via email. So far, I'm thrilled with the car.
  • safari_in_calisafari_in_cali Member Posts: 8
    A week ago, I bought a 2004 FX35 RWD Diamond Graphite/Graphite w/ tech, touring, sport, chrome wheels, splash guards, cargo protector, wind deflector for $41,200 (that's $650 over invoice). The MSRP for that car was $45,455. My advice to any prospective buyers would be to check the dealers' inventory at www.infiniti.com and then contact the dealers directly via email. If you have several dealers in your area, chances are you can get a good price by comparison shopping. I had the deal negotiated over email and went to the dealership just to sign the papers.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    Well, I *was* feeling good about my deal.... ;-)

    And still do really. I got an AWD, I don't know how prices compare between RWD and AWD.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Looks like we've got competing discussions on this vehicle, so I'm going to close this small one and send you to the active discussions:
    Infiniti FX45 / FX35 (general discussion)
    Infiniti FX45 / FX35: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

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