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imageLuxury-Like Ride Runs Close Second to Ram - 2015 Ford F-150 Long-Term Road Test

Trucks aren't supposed to be to ride like a sedan. It's a truck. It's built to work first and do everything else second. That's probably why I'm so impressed by our F-150. It's shockingly supple over rough roads and almost luxury-car like on smooth surfaces.

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    The down side of that great ride is that this generation of F-150 seems to have more squat when loaded than previous generations. Same with the Ram. Trucks have the best ride when the rear suspension is carrying a load. Unloaded the rear end can jump around and shake. Ford probably has even more of this problem with the 700 pound weight reduction due to the light weight aluminum. I'm sure they had to use softer springs to compensate; better ride but more squat when loaded.
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    Agree the slight additional squat is worth a better ride day in and day out. I have a 2014 RAM 1500 (not the air suspension, just the regular coils) and the main reason it was choosen over the F-150 was the right quality (I drove a 2015 F-150 as well as 2014 previous gen). Bottom line: Leaf springs do not have the same range of motion as coils. It's simple physics. The F-150 is still going to be slightly more jittery in a straight line and will push a little more in corners. Not a huge difference but noticeable to 90% of people.

    On the squat issue, I will say it is very minor in the RAM. Had approx 900 lbs of old wood dock in the back of my RAM 2 weeks ago and you could hardly tell. Handling on the winding roads by our cottage seemed almost unaffected with this load. I also put 500 lbs of tongue weight on the RAM with maybe 3/8" to 1/2" of squat. Not even noticeable...

    Almost all half-tons are more capable than 90% of people need. I come from a 2010 Honda Ridgeline (RIP) and that was capable of 90% of what MOST people do. I was on the edge a little with it for the boat (4,800 lbs) but it still towed it respectably.
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