100K 4.0 2009 update

etpetp Member Posts: 155
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Both the GC and TC now have 100K and are ready for timing belts.
The TC has had two Transmission repairs and a water hose connection failure.

The GC has had no issues except the typical brake pads etc.

Both are 4.0 liters.


  • etpetp Member Posts: 155
    Both are getting the ignition start recall and have had issues with that for years.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    I picked up a used '09 Grand Caravan a year ago and just got the recall notice for replacing the fobs. Haven't done the first ignition recall yet either, so guess I'll do 'em both next month. Haven't had any issues with it yet, don't know if the prior owner did.

    Mine's the 3.8L - just rolled over 150,000 miles on it yesterday, right in the middle of a 3,000 mile road trip.
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