Seeking suggestions for used cars

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Hi there,

So I'm new to this forum & not very experienced in buying cars, let alone used ones.

My budget is VERY low. If I could get a car for $500-1,000, that would be my budget, but I assume that's too low.

Knowing that this is my budget, what car make/model/year would you recommend? I probably wouldn't qualify for any type of loan, & I'm moving to the East soon from out West.

That's also another question, I'd probably have to see which area of the country is cheaper in buying used cars. Smaller towns are best for buying, correct?

I assume it's going to have to be an American car which I'm not fond of, but some of them are okay.

Thank you for all your help.

P.S. I can't find the area to make sure I receive notification of new responses to this thread. Every time I click on "Account" at the top, it asks me to log in. I've been asked to log in 10 times now & I'm already logged in, so I find this forum very confusing & I'm not a newbie to the net or forums.

Thanks again.


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    Welcome - here's the blurb on how to get alerts when someone replies to your post.

    With a low budget car, I'd buy where I'm going to wind up living. Wouldn't want to take a chance on driving a $1,000 car across country, unless I knew the car and seller really well.
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