My 94 Dakota 3.9 with automatic transmission is shifting a little weird.

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It did it 5 weeks ago and it did it a good bit yesterday. With a average acceleration the motor will race up when it shifts from 1st to 2nd and also from 2nd to 3rd. I let of of the gas and let it finish shifting. I drove it this morning and it did OK. I dont know where to start. The throttle valve cable maybe and if so where can I find out how to adj. it? Appr. any help. Thanks, Brittieboy


  • brittieboybrittieboy Member Posts: 3
    Im back after changing the fluid and filter. Used ATF-4 and 24. 0z. of lucas trans additive. While there adjusted both bands as specified. went ahead and replaced the throttle position sensor. Drove on the freeway shifted good so far in the 123 gears but now wont go into overdrive, It did shift into O.D. once. I inspected the TV cable and spring it looks ok What next to do? Anybody have any ides??? Thanks
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    Hello! sounds like you have pretty much covered all the basis, check with your local dealer garage but I believe the 94 had electronic solenoidal valve body control, not vacuum. I would first check all wires going to the transmission, make sure the connections are clean and tight. You can try to retrieve any trouble codes that might exist by turning the key to the on then off position twice, then turn it on and leave it on, count the flashes of the trouble light, at the end of the code it will pause and start over, look up the code or call your dealer service department to translate. The following link is to a page with step by step instruction on the cable adjustment along with diagrams. Hope this helps and good luck.
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