Help identifying this (20s?) car.

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I am trying to help a friend identify this car which belonged to his grandfather. Does any one know for certain what it is?

Any other information regarding the car will be appreciated, e.g., expensive, common, rare. engine, etc

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  • hfloydhfloyd Member Posts: 2
    Sorry, don'y know what happened to the photo. Here is another.

    PGD.jpg 82.6K
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    While the radiator has that stepped look at the top like an early 1920s Packard, the car doesn't have the distinctive Packard wheel hubs. You might post this on the mystery car section at the AACA web site.
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    It's a Buick, probably 1924-26, so I will guess 1925. Nice car.
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    To add, this would have been a a very solid middle class car when new, if not a little upper. It was a lot more substantial than the typical Model T or similar normal car. This is probably a "Master" series car, the fancier model. Not particularly rare, but not common in this style - by then, closed cars were quickly becoming the norm. I think the engine was a straight 6.
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