Strange electrical problem comes and goes

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2010 Escape xlt 6 cyl. 58000 mi. driving along, alert chime rings. look, the traction control , wrench, battery, ABS, airbag,and red brake lights all ON.also tachometer, speedometer, temp gauge, and radio volume speed compensation, all stop working.A/C compressor shuts down, no matter what I had it set on, the information center reads ---miles to empty, fuel level low. fuel gauge still reads 1/2 tank. after several minutes low tire pressure light starts blinking, and message center alternates with tire pressure monitor fault, and low fuel messages. a few minutes later... everything back to normal. this happened several times in a recent 20 mile trip. if i shut off the engine while in fault mode. it will not restart for several minutes. WTF is going on here? thank you in advance. John


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    Have codes pulled from ALL of the modules on the car and post them along with which module the codes are in.
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    that's the real head scratch-er. NO CODES ANYWHERE. checked with my own reader, then took to a local garage they came up with nothing either
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    after a load of research I find out this is a common problem, but not covered by recall or warranty,with my mileage 58000 seems there is history of bad solder joints in the instrument panel. there's one company that will rebuild the cluster for $200. mail order if I take it out and reinstall myself. For now, I find a good SHARP punch to the top of the dash, will temporary repair it for now. this is my first Ford product since a POS I had in early 1970's and I fear it will be my LAST ever. which is a shame, as I refuse to buy Foreign, and Chevy does not make anything that is NOT a truck that will tow 3500# cheers!
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