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1985 Mercedes 300d Injection Pump bad?

toxnavilustoxnavilus Member Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Mercedes-Benz
So, my mercedes has recently stopped starting. It started off just being very difficult to start, lots of white smoke, me having to prime the hell out of it and eventually getting it started. Then it completely stopped working for me.
so... I changed the fuel filters and realized the glow plugs were mostly bad, so I replaced them. I also have fairly new fuel lines. I've bled all the air out of the lines and I also have a new primer hand pump.
After bleeding the air out I was able to get the car started and drive it again for about a day.
Then it stopped starting again.
While trying to bleeding the air out of the lines again I noticed I wasn't getting any fuel from the front two injector lines.
So I cracked them at the pump and noticed I wasn't getting fuel there either. I'm getting fuel into and out of the lift pump as well as from the secondary filter into the IP.
So... is my IP toast?
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