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2005 Ford F-150 5.4 shuts off when wet

nikola3123nikola3123 Member Posts: 0
edited June 2015 in Ford

I have 2005 Ford f150 5.4 triton with 100000 miles on it. Everytime it rains or i wash the truck it shuts off and cant get it back and running. After 10-20 minutes starts like everything is normal. Ford dieler doesnt seem to know what is wrong with it. Please help


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    93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello! Interesting problem, one of the great things about newer vehicles is the OBDII system. And OBDII meters are readily available at most parts stores, if one shops for price they can be found at affordable cost. Wash your truck, try to start it and when it doesn't start; connect the meter to the OBDII data-port and read the code, look it up online to see where it is pointing you. Then using this as a lead, track down the culprit. Good luck.
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