Anyone own a Tacoma with a Supercharger?

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I'm considering the Tacoma 4dr. and adding a supercharger. Does anyone have Tacoma with a supercharger and have you had any problems with it?


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    and then go to the message board. People there have more information about that than anywhere on the web. The only real problem I know of is pinging. And that is just gonna happen, Im sorry. To make everything run flawlessly, fuel upgrades are needed and are readily availabale (ie bigger injectors, etc). However, many many people run it normally, without any of these upgrades, and have little to no problems.

    If you have the cash, I would tell you to go for it. Your truck will run like a scalded ape and there will not be a compact truck on the road that can touch you, performance-wise. BUT, this is all coming from someone who does NOT have the s/c, so take it for what its worth.
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    the injectors were up-sized to handle the additional fuel requirements, so pinging in not an issue as far as I know. Remember, you need to use premium...
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    I have been s/c'ed for the past 25,000 miles on my 2001. What do you want to know?
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    I have a buddy that is a Toyota Dealer Mechanic. I too was interested in adding a Supercharger to my Tacoma. He stated that the unit was prety good, however, Toyota has been receinving a lot of comlaints with engine pinging as a result of the Supercharger. My friend suggested waiting a year or so until they work out the bugs.
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    2001+ models have larger injectors which fixes ping problems. For 2000- models, you can buy Supra injectors that'll fix it for you.
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    Are those larger injectors on the 4 cylinder engines as well as the 6 cylinder?
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    Check with guys at, we got a lot of people with blowers. I think it's teh TRD charger that has a problem with ping, they only make V6 ones. I4 charger is made by Alpine, and I haven't heard anything, but again, if it's I4 you're interested in, check with TTORA (site above). Heck, you'll find enough useful info for a V6 one too.
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    No problems with pinging and it rips!...ran a 14.5 at the track!
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