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2016 Audi A6 Premium Plus 2.0 Quattro - S Line Sports Package

thilankathilanka Member Posts: 12
edited June 2015 in Audi
I am trying to decide if I should get the S Line Sports Package on an 2016 A6 Premium Plus 2.0 Quattro.

What I am looking for in the A6 (in the order of preference):

1. Technology
2. Luxury/ Comfort
3. Performance

I love the S-Line exterior look but do not care much about the Sport Suspension. I test drove one with S-Line package and one without it. I felt a little bit of vibration on the one with S-Line Package, and on the other one (without S-Line), the ride was slightly smoother.

Couple of my friends advised me to get the one without S-Line if I am looking for a more smoother ride (and not much concerned about the added performance by adding S-Line).

Based on my preferences, what would you recommend? Go with or without the S-Line Package?


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    zandorzandor Member Posts: 67
    How are the roads where you live? My best friend has an Audi S4, and it rides very well on decent roads. It does not do well on rough roads or potholes though. I have to figure an A6 with S-Line would do better than an S4, so if your roads are good I would go ahead and get S-Line. If you have roads like we have in Chicago I would get the standard suspension and the smallest wheels you can. Big wheels + skinny tires + Chicago potholes = bent rims, bubbles, and a trip to the chiropractor.
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    audinorcalaudinorcal Member Posts: 2
    If you LOVE the look of the S-line, then it is probably worth it for you, but I wouldn't get it (spend the money) if you are looking for a smoother ride. In fact, the S-line (if you read the professional reviews) often find the road ride a bit more sensitive (rough) with the S-line, because it is a little more stiffly-tuned, and the car is slightly lowered with the S-Line. Having said that, I got my new A6 with the S-Line and it rides like a dream...Good luck on your decision!
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