What is the 2016 Sorento Maintenance Schedule

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I am considering the Kia Sorento and would like to know what the maintenance schedule looks like and what is involved.

For example what's involved every 3750 miles, 7500 miles, 15000 miles and 30000 miles, I anticipate oil & filter changes every 3750 miles, tires rotated every 7500 miles, etc... but I am also interested in the required maintenance at 15K, 30K and other milestones in the vehicle's life.

I heard from one dealer that the transmission is sealed and that I'll never need to change the transmission fluid. Is this accurate?


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    We don't have the '16 schedules posted yet. You can get an idea from the 2015 Maintenance Guide, but you probably could track down a manual with that info at kia.com (under Owners) or skim one at a dealer.
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    Can an owner log in to the owners area and share the details of the maintenance schedule?
    And can someone confirm the transmission fluid never needs changing?
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    Do you have to have a VIN to register? That's a pain. Kia used to have a great tech info site but they've pretty much shut it down to consumers. Makes me want to buy a Toyota, but their downloads are even worse.
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