Labor hourly rate guide, anyone have one?

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I had alot of maintence done by a shop and was wondering if anyone had a labor hourly rate guide for the following maintence procedures.

New spark plug wires
Transmission service (drop pan) and transmission service kit for a slow leak around the pan bolts
Valve cover gasket
PCV valve
Upper and lower radiator hoses replaced
Antifreeze flushed and filled


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    labor hour guide on this one? It's been six years and 60k miles since timing belt has been changed. any recommendations on what else needs to be replaced?

    92 mitsubishi Mirage 1.5 Liter SOHC

    Timing belt
    Water pump
    Camshaft seals and any seals that should be replaced
    The serpentine belts (I think they are V ribbed-3 small belts)that are squealing pretty bad when the a/c is on or is very cold outside. Some are cracked when I took a look at them.

    I inquired from the same shop said it would "take all day". When I asked how many labor hours, they stated over the phone they wouldn't know until they looked at it. any info is appreciated.
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    The first message is for a 96 pontiac sunfire 2.2 liter engine
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    1996 Sunfire 2.2:

    .5 for spark plugs, no time given for wires
    .8 transaxle filter replace
    .7 valve cover gasket
    PCV valve, no charge if performing other repairs, otherwise .3
    .7 cooling system flush
    .9 both rad hoses

    So, 3.6 hours but some services may overlap.
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    Timing belt, replace
    1992 Mitsubishi Mirage
    1.5L eng.... 2.4
    Additional time:
    .2 where Air Cond interferes
    .3 where Pwr Steer interferes
    .1 Sprocket, camshaft R&R
    .3 Sprocket, crankshaft R&R.
    .1 Sprocket, balance shaft (each) R&R
    .2 Seal, camshaft front
    Tensioner (each) R&R
    .1 camshaft belt
    .1 balance shaft belt/chain
    .1 Guide, balance shaft chain (each)
    .2 Seal, balance shaft (each)

    With changing everything remotely associated the maximum flat rate time is 4.1 hours
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    the shop advertises honest repair work and we were referred by a coworker. We wanted to see if they were on the up and up because they are so vague on how long it would take to do the job. He first told me the car would be done by lunchtime and when we went to pickup the car he said his guy had to work through lunch. They charged us 4.6 hours of labor on the 96 pontiac. One hour is nothing to complain about. I checked out the spark plug wires they run all the way to the back of the engine so that probably accounted for the hour difference. Thanks for the information. on my car, 4.1 hours? ouch! I need to save up some money :)
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    For the Sunfire, 4.6 is probably reasonable. They might be using one of the other labor estimating guides. Some tend to be more generous than others in certain repair areas, tighter in other areas, so estimate times can vary.

    If they came with a good recommendation from a co-worker and you're happy with the work they've done so far, stick with them. Remember, it isn't always about total dollars spent but whether value is received for dollars spent.
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