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Has anyone experienced driving for a while then later trying to restart the truck but will not start

gratkersongratkerson Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Dodge
We are experiencing being able to drive this truck for some time and then after a while restarting the vehicle, but
it will not start, but the motor will turn over but wont start. I have found two crimped fuel lines underneath the bed
and replaced them. This seemed to help momentarily. After running it for about fifteen minutes and then a minor road trip, the vehicle would not start again. I have a new fuel pump assembly waiting to be installed, but wanted to see if the fuel lines were a factor in the performance. Fuel Pressure is good at 45 psi, and battery is strong. Was looking for any other information that may be preventing this truck from restarting. Any thing would be appreciated.
Thank You.


  • larryb1963larryb1963 Posts: 26
    Is there a eng ck light on ? sound like a e-vap issue could be as simple as a gas cap loose or bad . if fuel pressure is 45 psi it not a pump ? need a lot more info for help ( what motor, mileage ,year ? )
  • i found inside fuel tank leak in mine.. when you pull lid off tank where the fuel line meets the lid, behind plastic part is a rotted O ring, i cut a small slice of fuel line and made a new O ring .. runs good, fast start,,
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