Identifying noises in my 2012 Jetta GLI

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Good afternoon -

I was wondering if someone can help me to identify two noises that occur in my car, I will try to be as specific as possible. Please let me know if you may know the origin of this noise or have experienced same.
1. My GLI is a 6 spd manual - when starting in 1st gear and moving their is a rattle/vibration sound which seems to be coming from the engine or could be the transmission. Some have said it is because when starting the RPM's could be low where the engine is not getting enough "juice" hence the rattle. I've been driving manuals for over 25 years and never heard this noise, perhaps there is something loose and can be identified easily?
2. When accelerating there is a noise like air, as if a leak coming from the engine. This happens as the car accelerates, usually at lower speeds/gears. Sound similar to the way the air conditioning sounds when blowing air. I thought perhaps this may be the turbo sound but my understanding is the turbo would normally make like a "whistle" sound and not like this one.

Apologies if these questions seem trivial but I believe there are no stupid questions so here I am? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much -
All the best
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