Aftermarket Radio

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Hello everyone,

First time posting here!

I'm quite the audiophile and the blue tooth quality of the 430 RBZ unit in my 2013 Dodge Durango isn't doing it for me and for whatever reason USB connection with my Samsung Note 4 doesn't work for music.

Anyways, been reading reviews on the Pioneer 4100NEX ( ) and the blue tooth quality is better and I believe you can display your phones screen on the receiver's screen via USB (better quality than blue tooth).

My question is this; I've been searching around online for installs of after market radios on GEN 3 durangos and haven't found anything anywhere...

Has anyone tried installing aftermarket radios? I understand I'll need many converters to make it work, but my main concern is will I have to physically alter my dash to fit aftermarket radios? Crutchfield says there are no radios that fit my vehicle
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