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imageLovely Owner's Manual Case - 2014 BMW i3 Long-Term Road Test

The 2014 BMW i3 has a unique, fashionable owner's manual case! Alert the media! Wait, we are the media. Well, read this post!

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  • prndlolprndlol Member Posts: 140
    Like much about this car's interior I find this odd as well.
  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    That's what I don't like about the i3. Tries too hard to be "different". There's nothing wrong with being different, but there's nothing wrong with being the same either. If this car looked like a typical BMW and had BMW-like materials (nothing wrong with a high quality black leather case), it'd be a popular seller.
  • fr88fr88 Member Posts: 6
    That owners manual cover looks like the same cheap material lining the trunk of my Dodge. Nothing chic about it. Chic would have been if they substituted every speck of the gray mouse fur for tan leather (or leather-like material spun from re-cycled materials) that matched the upholstery.
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