Knock sensors replaced but still problem with fourth gear is not shifting

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Hi There,
I have issue regarding gear shifting, since I bought my lexus ES300 1999 model there was engine check and track off light was coming, I newly got license so I didn’t know about this fault, and the person who bought me this car he didn’t check anything, after 4 months i scan my car to check what is the problem, the result came with so many faults including knock sensor 1 and 2 and circuit bank 1 and 2, I replaced the knock sensors, the problem was before gear was not shifting from 3 to four gear, even I go to 120KM speed but still gear was not changing and RPM was 4400, since I know this problem and after replacing knock sensors, this problem solve some time it is changing gear but normally its like before not changing gear.

Conditions while its normal behaving:
If I have to go the 80Km direct, I mean If i, start my car and put it in full speed on the highway and press full gas pedal, then it’s going to 80KM and rpm will be 4400 than the gear will change to 4 and RPM will be reduced to 2100. In this condition my car will go smooth until i slow down car, if i slow down car for signal or turning, then fourth gear will not come. Then I have to switch off my car for 5 mints and then go again to full speed but still some times 4 gears not coming, but mostly while doing this practice it seems ok until I slow down the car less then 30KM speed.

Before replacing the knock sensers gear was not shifting at all, but now its shifting but not like normal car, so I am not sure the problem is with oil or what is the problem, I check the oil with mechanic he says its ok, still engine check and track off light is there.
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