Ford Fusion Winter Perfomance?

pbuchheitpbuchheit Member Posts: 1
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I'm thinking about replacing my 06 Imprezza. The current generation legacy I test drove was a nice car but boring as paste. So far the Fusion looks like the most promising candidate for 'fun daily driver'. The only thing concerning me right now is winter driving. How does the AWD system on the Fusion do on snow and ice compared to a subaru? As a side note, if anyone has the technical knowledge, what are the differences between the 'symetrical' AWD subaru uses and Ford's system? What are the pros and cons of each?


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    In winter conditions, a Fusion with proper snow tires will perform better than an AWD Subaru with all-seasons, especially if you consider stopping & turning to be as important as accelerating.

    On ice, the Fusion with Blizzaks will probably out-accelerate the Subaru with all-seasons too.
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