4WD Squeak from drivetrain or joints?

camdenbuckcamdenbuck Member Posts: 1
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My drivetrain was squeaking and so I bought a grease gun and hit all of the zerk fittings. It got nice and quiet but then after a few days, I heard a brief creaky noise from the same area but only when in reverse at low speeds. I got back under the truck and really put a bunch more red grease in the spline and all of the joints. Now it is mostly quiet again but when I shift into drive, there is a very short creak. I happens again when I shift into reverse but no noise while driving. My gf said it just needs to be driven until the grease is worked in because it probably has never been lubricated. I am getting ready to take a 1200 mile trip. Think it will be fine? Should I pump more grease into it?
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