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Tell me what you know or have heard about the 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan

wastintimewastintime Member Posts: 5
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I'm wanting to hear responses about what changes are going to be made to the 2004 G35 Sedan. My dealer is telling me he hasn't heard of any changes which makes me suspicious, (trying to get me into that 2003 on the floor).
Any websites, release dates, options, changes (interior, exterior, price, etc.)
I'm told release date will be late September, so do I wait or not?


  • mrman_3k3mrman_3k3 Member Posts: 17
    I would be interested to know sure changes that have been made to the 2004 models. I know that Diamond Graphite (I think it is that) color has been added, but other than that I am not sure.

    I know the mods will probably want to delete this post and say go post in the main G35 discussion, but it would be helpful if it were more easily accessible so that this post could purely concentrate on 2004 changes.

  • ihabermanihaberman Member Posts: 58
    - Standard heated outside mirrors on all models
    - 17 inch wheels standard on all models
    - Improved standard 6-disc CD changer with faster operation
    - Standard tire pressure monitor system
    - Standard rear limited slip differential on Leather 6MT model
    - Heated front seats and 4-way power front passenger seat standard on Leather, Leather 6M/T models
    - Engine will meet LEV2 standard for emissions control (beginning with October production)
    - Two new exterior colors - Diamond Graphite and Twilight Blue

    *** AWD has been put off till '05 model year -- MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!
  • kfhmailkfhmail Member Posts: 199
    This supports previous message.

    Info is from Autospies.com

    Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

    Designed from the ground up on the racing-inspired FM (Front Mid-ship) platform, the Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe offers all of the advanced technology, leading-edge design and luxury amenities of the Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan but in a stylish, two-door body. The G35 Sport Coupe features a long list of standard performance features, including a 280 horsepower 3.5-liter DOHC V6 mated to a choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed electronically controlled automatic with manual shift mode. The G35 Sport Coupe receives minor enhancements for the 2004 model year.

    Enhancements to the 2004 G35 Sport Coupe include:
    ·New front center console for Coupe Leather 6M/T model (adds center armrest and an additional front cupholder)
    ·Improved standard 6-disc CD changer (with faster operation)
    ·Standard Tire Pressure Monitor System
    ·Engine will meet LEV2 standard for emission control (beginning with October production)
    ·Twilight Blue exterior color added

    Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan

    The 2004 G35 Sport Sedan expresses Infiniti’s bold new direction of combining leading-edge design and technology, driver-oriented performance and a high level of luxury. The G35 comes standard with a 260-horsepower 3.5-liter V6, 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode or close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, 4-wheel independent multi-link suspension and rear-wheel drive.

    Enhancements to the 2004 G35 Sport Sedan include:
    ·Standard heated outside mirrors on all models
    ·17-inch wheels now standard on all models
    ·Improved standard 6-disc CD changer (with faster operation)
    ·Standard Tire Pressure Monitor System
    ·Standard rear limited-slip differential on Leather 6MT model
    ·Heated front seats and 4-way power front passenger's seat standard on Leather, Leather 6M/T models
    ·Engine will meet LEV2 standard for emission control (beginning with October production)
    ·Two new exterior colors – Diamond Graphite, Twilight Blue (previously available)
  • pfischerpfischer Member Posts: 4
    Below is more into from an autospies.com reader:

    The AWD Infiniti is a reality.

    It will have an electronically controlled AWD system. An Infiniti G35 dealer on Long Island, New York took my order for an AWD version. I was told the AWD will be $1500 more than RWD and that the actual MSRP is not yet known. I negotiated a profit over the list price, as well as a not to exceed price. The car may be delivered in November but delivery is more likely to occur in December or January. I was told that there wouldn't be many AWDs available the first year.
  • prayerforprayerfor Member Posts: 161
    Whatever "official" info is available can be found at www.nissannews.com

    www.freshalloy.com is also a helpful resource.
  • ihabermanihaberman Member Posts: 58
    Contrary to my earlier post, a dealer emailed me and informed me that the AWD G35 will now be coming for the '04 model year. Expected late November.
  • mboxermboxer Member Posts: 13
  • frenchy2002frenchy2002 Member Posts: 40
    Can anyone tell me if the AWD G35 sedan will be available with a 6 speed manual transmission? It is not clear from the Infiniti website whether it will be available or not. Thanks
  • mbednorzmbednorz Member Posts: 63
    All signs point to the AWD G35 being available only in auto for the foreseeable future. Several very reputable sources say that they don't see how Infiniti could have a manual version anytime in the next 6 months. After that, who knows.
  • ensyensy Member Posts: 18
    I have just posted the story of my dealings with Inifiniti Canada on the board "G35 Problems and Solutions" - Post #767 and #807. There is a problem with the brakes on '03 G35's and there is an even bigger problem with the corporate attitude of Infiniti Canada that does not bode well for their future. Would I buy a new Infiniti knowing what I know about their attitude? It would take a lot of convincing....wanna buy a used '03 G35?
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