Drought in California and waterless car wash?

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Hi! I was wondering if there are any other drivers in CA that are being conscious of water-usage at home-- in keeping their cars clean?

I did some research and compiled my own list of tips. Note, I am a bit reluctant to try waterless car wash products. My car gets dirty fast.

Anyways, check-out my Drought rant & ideas gathered... please share your thoughts. Please take my commentary light-heartedly, I am just trying to start the conversation...

YouTube Video Link:


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    When I lived in Anchorage, I used a waterless wash product a bit. It worked well when the temps were cool - put it in a bucket of warm water and it'd clean the whole car. Not good for rinsing the undercarriage but that wasn't much of an issue up there like it is in the Midwest.

    Mostly I just don't bother washing my cars and if you drive a silver one, you won't even notice the grime much.
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