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Future Lincoln Continental RUMOURS

hammyztshammyzts Member Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Lincoln
I have heard, from all over the place, numerous rumours regarding the next-gen Continental. One rumour was that it will knock out the Town Car as Lincolns Flaship; another said it will be a combination of the Mark Series and will be offered in 2-,4- and convertible models; and still another claimed it will be an ultra-lux higher end V-8+, marketed as a sort of larger LS. Personally, I feel they are in a hard spot here, seeing as the sporty side of the coin is with the LS, and the refined side going with Town Car. I would like to see a Mark Series return, with a 2-door and a convertible model, possibly based off the t-bird. Does anyone have any other rumours they would like to share?


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    arennarenn Member Posts: 35
    Ford Execs have stated that they are not interested in Lincoln following Cadillac's lead up the price ladder, but are more interested in leveraging commonalities with the rest of the Ford product line, so I don't see an ultra-lux model. They've said three new vehicles are coming out based on the Mazda6 platform and that there likely will be a new Continental, but I can't recall whether or not they said one of the three new vehicles will be called that or not. Given that Ford has already killed the T-bird, it's unlikely a new Lincoln will be built off that platform.

    Personally, I've always associated Lincoln with Continentals, way more than the Town Car or the Mark series. However, it seems that a huge percentage of Town Car sales are to fleets (they make nice taxis), and that's probably the real market that is being targeted. Downsizing the vehcile would reduce its appeal in this market.

    Ford has to figure out what they want Lincoln and Mercury to be when they grow up. First get a brand strategy, then figure out what vehicles to produce. For example, if Lincoln wants to get out of the taxi business, jettisoning the Town Car and replacing it with a smaller Continental might be a good idea.
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    kburcrofkburcrof Member Posts: 6
    I have seen both these concept cars at the Woodward Cruise and other events around Detroit. I think the the Continental Concept looks very promising and that it will probably get scaled up a little to accommodate the "Town Car" business. They may have the same growth pattern of the Navigator. Starting with the larger model and releasing a smaller scale: Aviator.

    The MK9 is radical with the red leather. They may just offer that if the "Sports-Luxury" market grows which will be unlikely for a couple more years of economic growth.

    The Navicross may be a little late to the "Cross-over" vehicle party. I will be surprised if it is shown again at this years "Woodward Cruise".
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    wsag26wsag26 Member Posts: 124

    Even though I believe that the 2002 Continental, which was the last, was very beautiful (the Mark and MK9 models making me puke when I see one), they didn't sell good. The only place I saw them was on the gulf side of Florida in Ft. Myers. Obviously, a very nice place for elderly rich people who want something thats a waterfront and has about 1 million dollars in there pocket to waste. I wouldn't buy one of course, but all these American brands (Buick, Lincoln, Oldsmobile) are shaping up in the future to be a car for old people. Cadillac just recently changed from that image when they got the music stars to have Escalades in there commercials. I believe that the Continental will try to make a comeback, but I'm not expecting it anytime soon. Lincoln is already in enough trouble with more people out buying Caddy CTS's besides there handsome LS (I saw 3 CTS's in a row, When I see an LS it stands out now, before I used to see em' all the time). In those luxury rich neighborhoods in South Florida, on any coast, instead of seeing old Navigator styled Blackwoods, I'm seeing new Escalade EXT's in a nice beige trim. The point is, the Continental and Seville don't sell good. They picked up some kinda reputation in the last 5 years that they were for old people. The truth is, anyone can drive it, even someone whose 16 (trust me, if i was 16, i really WOULD NOT want to drive a Seville). Cadillac is trying to turn that reputation upside down and kick it away, and that is exactly what they are doing. Hopefully there gonna change the Deville & Seville around the 2004- 2006 years (the new STS replacing the Seville should come out sometime in 2004 and debut at either the LA, Detroit, Chicago, NYC or etc.). For Lincoln, the future is too blurry. For GM's Cadillac&Buick, the future is clear.
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    nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Clear, maybe wsag, but not necessarily bright. Cadillac is betting it can compete upmarket. The CTS is popular alright, but cheap, that's why it's selling. Has a V-6 for pete's sake! Buick is yet to show anything at all.... We'll see. Lincoln's plans are murky, to be sure. But the current offering sells well, and has a quality feel.
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    ehaaseehaase Member Posts: 328
    The Lincoln LS will be redesigned for 2006. It may stay on the current DEW98 platform or it may move the 2005 Mustang platform (code D2C - which is a simpler version of DEW98). It is possible that the car may be renamed Continental. Ford may want the DEW98 platform to be exclusive to Jaguar. The Town Car is also supposed to be restyled for 2006. For more details, check this website - http://www.autonews.com/article.cms?articleId=44754
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    nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Very helpful, ehaase, thank you. I'm a traditionalist, who liked the names of the Lincoln line. Thought they had panache. I mourned the name of the LS when it came out, though I respected the car immensely. I just don't get my motor revved by the alphabet soup of Acura and now Cadillac & Lexus. I would like to see it renamed with a more traditional Lincoln name, or something that sounds like a car instead of a missile. Cosmopolitan would be ok.....:)
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    bowke28bowke28 Member Posts: 2,185
    ford uses the DEW98 platform fo almost as much as they used the old FOX platform!

    mustang (2005)

    the MK9 is a for sure coming car. when i sold lincolns (2000-2002), there were lots of people still coming in asking for a new mark 8. they will all be knocking down the doors when the MK9 debuts.
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    nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Hmmmm, I think the DEW98 is exclusive to the LS, S-type & T-Bird. The rest are being built on a
    DEW-LITE, aren't they?
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    ehaaseehaase Member Posts: 328
    Mustang is using the D2C platform. It is not clear how much this has in common with DEW98. I have read some speculation that a 4 seater Thunderbird may reappear later this decade using this platform. Eventually, a Crown Victoria replacement could use this platform also. However, at this stage, this is just speculation.

    The 500 will use a version of the Volvo S80 platform. It will be FWD and have nothing in common with DEW98, except for the fact that it will use the 3.0L Duratec V6.

    There is no evidence that Ford will definitely develop a Mark IX, although it would be nice.
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    nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Well, if the 500 will be an S-80 variant, that's not altogether bad news. My partner has an S-80, and that's a darn nice handling car, especially for FWD, which I hear some people actually like for some reason, probably snow. Anyway, I enjoy driving the Volvo when I get a chance to.
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