Buying a car and moving soon

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I currently live in MA where I do not own a car. I will be moving to VA later this summer, however, and will need a car for my new job. I would like to buy a used car in MA and use it until I move down to VA, move in it down to VA, and then have it right away because I'll start work right away and need my car to commute.

But I don't know if I am putting myself in a complicated and expensive scenario. Would I have to register it in MA, pay sales tax in MA, etc, and then do the same in VA? Is there a way of avoiding all sorts of fees? I can't register it in VA as soon as I buy it in MA because I won't have a home yet there.

If you know anything, please let me know! The idea of spending hours on the phone with DMVs and still possibly not getting any answers is not appealing!

Thanks for your help!
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