2004 Toyota Prius

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Impressed by the increased fuel mileage, wagon body, roominess, and even lower emissions. However I can't stand the styling of the concept and hope it significantly changes. This new Prius will leave the Honda Civic hybrid in the dust.


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    Doubt the styling will change much (it looks futuristic, I like it) - a 120 V A/C outlet would be nice (only operable when the vehicle is off)
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    I have to say, the styling of the 04 Prius is "out there", but it's "out there" in a good way. It looks very futuristic and technologically advanced (which it is).

    My only concern w/styling: The sloping roofline might make the backseat less than comfortable for adults, but that all depends on the height/headroom specks.
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    When I park my 2001 Prius next to my grandfather's 1999 Taurus, it's a bizarre sight. Prius is supposedly a smaller car, but in reality the leg room is nearly identical and Prius is a few inches TALLER. Getting *more* headroom in back from Prius is not what people expect. And since that Taurus height is considered comfortable, there shouldn't be a problem.

    That extra height isn't actually for seating comfort anyway. It's for entry & exit convenience. You don't have to duck your head when passing through, like with traditional cars. So if the slope of the new Prius eliminates that in back, your head still won't touch inside.

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    I am eagerly waiting for that 2004 Prius to be on the show room. I'm ready to get my very first hybrid car. Some options I'd like that car to have:
    1. An audio system that could play MP3's so I could enjoy hours of music without having to worry about putting another CD while driving. Toyota have MP3 capability in their just released (California) Scion.
    2. In-glass radio antenna. That antenna sticking out on the roof becomes a nuisance whenever I decide to cover that beloved Prius in my garage or driveway. Toyota have it standard or available in a number of their models. It will also help improved aerodynamics.
    3. That 110v outlet is not a bad idea. It become handy during camping trips or make the evening date by the beach more romantic. The electronics may not be that complex since a 500V power source is available.
    4. A bike clamp at the back of the backseat (something similar the the Scion) will be welcomed and of course, most will like grocery bag hooks at the cargo area.

    These are not luxury options but more of being functional options that would appeal to more people.
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    a center arm rest that isn't at floor level and optional leather?
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    Pricing for the 2004 Prius remains the same as 2003 at $19,995.
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    Released today:

    Standard equipment-
    • Electric air conditioning
    • Power windows, door locks and mirrors
    • ABS and traction control
    • Tire Pressure Monitor
    • Cruise control
    • Keyless entry
    • Tilt steering wheel with audio/climate controls
    • 60/40 Split-folding rear seat
    • AM/FM/CD with 6 speakers
    • Multi-information display with trip computer

    Option packages-
    Accy Code / Name / Content MSRP

    RW Rear Window Wiper $180

    GY Side & Curtain Airbags $650

    AF Package #1
    Rear window wiper, Driver & passenger- side and curtain airbags

    AG Package #2
    Rear window wiper, Anti-theft system, Garage door opener, Electrochromic rearview mirror, Smart Entry and Start system

    AI Package #3
    Rear window wiper, Anti-theft system, Garage door opener, Driver & passenger- side and curtain airbags, JBL AM/FM/Cassette/CD changer with 9-speakers

    AM Package #4
    Rear window wiper, Driver & passenger- side and curtain airbags, Smart Entry and Start system, VSC, HID headlamps, Foglamps

    BG Package #5
    Rear window wiper, Smart Entry and Start system, Navigation, JBL AM/FM/Cassette/CD changer with 9-speakers

    BC Package #6
    Rear window wiper, Anti-theft system, Garage door opener, Driver & passenger- side and curtain airbags, JBL AM/FM/Cassette/CD changer with 9-speakers, Smart Entry and Start system, Navigation, VSC, HID headlamps, Foglamps

    All USD, I assume.
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    I hope it changes. I LOVE the current Prius's styling and think the current model already leaves the Civic in the dust. NO LEATHER OR VINYL. BOO HOO!!! I can't have a car with cloth. I hate cloth. No hybrid for me until leather or vinyl is made available on one. Of course, the first leathered hybrid will probably be the RX330 and I don't like the RX330 so it could be a long wait for me.
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    i am sure you can buy aftermarket leather if you need.....
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    I've never had any experience with that. How does that work?
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    go through the dealer, or www.classicsofttrim.com
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    Any information about exterior colors and interior trim?
  • libertycatlibertycat Member Posts: 593
    But I haven't heard anything.
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    I've been checking the premium audio packages available for the Avalon and the Lexus ES300, the most they have is 7 speakers. With 9 speakers (assuming this is accurate) in the Prius, where will all of these go. One of them will definitely be a subwoofer located somewhere. In the Highlander JBL package, the 2-way dual cone speakers at the back door is refered as a 2 speaker system by Toyota. A separate power amp will be needed to drive all of these speakers. With your favorite classical, R&B, country, or rock music playing and criusing on steath mode, it definitely will be a pure listening pleasure experience.
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    from the pictures, it looks like they're using component speakers with separate woofers & tweeters. that makes 8 speakers front and rear. the subwoofer is the 9th speaker...i believe
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    You should use this discussion because the other says five door. People may get confused and think that is the wagon VERSION of the Prius, not the redesigned Prius. This name is a lot simpler and less confusing.
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