Installing OOgah horn

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I want to install one in my 2015 Santa Fe -- and even though I am experienced in working on PRE 1980 cars, I have no experience mucking around in an engine bay of a 2015 car -- my concern is that I may install the horn and end up blowing up a couple of computers. My dealer-supplied manual does not have any schematics that I can find -- I looked for Chilton Manuals for 2015 SF's and there can't find any.

I know that installing stuff on the old cars is easy - but the new cars present their own unique problems. Has anyone had experience installing an auxiliary horn?


  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    The question begs...WHY?

    Those horns are big and your biggest problem may be in finding a place to install it!
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    For new cars, I'm leery of "splicing" anything into the wiring. Aftermarket alarms, remote starts and other accessories seem to give people fits a few years down the road.

    Of course people who don't have issues, don't post, but I had a Subaru with a dealer installed OEM alarm that flaked out on me in year seven, so I'm not excited about hooking stuff up to the factory wiring (and by extension, the various computers).
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    I think the first thing I might look for if I was to try this is an empty (unused) spare fuse connection either underhood or in cabin and wire from there. I would never splice info anything, just asking for trouble.
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