2004 Dodge Ram 2500 or 2008 F150??

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I am looking to trade in my 2010 rav4 (trade in value:10.5k-12k) for a large(r) truck. I am partial to diesels ever since my first truck to drive was my dad's F250 I fell in love with. However, I am considering both diesel and gasoline. I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking for a truck but I live in a small town in SW Colorado so I feel I have seen just about all this area's dealers have to offer, which isn't very much in my price range of $15-22k. Right now I am between either waiting and finding an F250 diesel with 110,000 miles or less (TX,where i am from, appears to have these in my price range-but is it worth the wait/drive?) or a 2008 F150 or 2004 Ram.

2008 F150 Supercrew Cab 4x4

pros: drives nice, has 10,000 less miles on it than my rav, updated/nice interface and interior, less 'wear and tare'

cons: not a diesel!, may have less longevity, not crazy about the model

2004 Dodge Ram Diesel 2500
*does not have an internet ad because I found it before it hit the lot

100,000 mi on it, 4 door, 4x4

pros: has the cummins engine, its a diesel!, funner to drive, leather seats, more my style
cons: had a new transmission put in at 60,000 mi (why?), interior isn't as updated or nice, rougher condition makes me wonder if it was used roughly, wondering if it may be a higher maintenance truck, read about the 'death wobble' and 'cracking dashboard' in this model


any thoughts on the value in looking in TX where trucks seem cheaper?
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