Buick Incentives for 7/1/15

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I am looking to purchase a 2015 Buick Enclave, Leather AWD. Just wondering if anyone knows what the July 4th incentives may be yet?
There is 0% for 60 months and $500 cash until 6/30/15, so I'm just trying to figure out if I should pull the trigger or wait until the July 4th sales? I definitely want to do 0% for 60 months, so if that is definitely ending 6/30, I will purchase before then.
Any info or direction would be much appreciated!


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    That's closely guarded information. The manufacturers don't want people to delay purchases waiting on a better incentive coming in a few weeks. I don't recall ever seeing a "leak" posted around here. Sometimes you'll see a post by a buyer who found the newest incentive online from the manufacturer and the dealer didn't even know what the new one was.

    It's a bit of a risk but July 4th typically offers better deals. But that's not written in stone and while I think it's unlikely, you could miss out on some savings by waiting.

    This may help your decision too:

    Low APR vs. Cash Back Calculator
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