Dodge RAM 2000 order problems!!!

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Has anyone out there had problems getting what
they ordered? I ordered a new 2000 RAM from Steve
Oliver Dodge in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City) and
after 8 weeks was told that the engine had been
substitued with a bigger one. I did not want the
bigger engine and I was not given the option to
make that decision. They have $1000 of my money
and the truck comes in next week. What do you
think I should do? I'm ready to go buy a Chevy!


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    You have a dealer problem, not a Dodge problem. I wouldn't accept the vehicle with the wrong engine. I assume you do have signed paperwork for your order. Why did you put down a $1,000 deposit? When I ordered mine I put down $200 and at that got excellent dealer service throughout the buy.
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    If you ordered the 5.2L engine, and it looks like you were upgraded to the 5.9L, here's some info: Dodge recently added a rebate for the 5.9L gas engine that wipes out the extra cost of upgrading to it. While I agree that your order should not have been changed without your permission, someone may have thought they were doing you a favor, since there would be no additional cost incurred on your part for the upgraded engine.

    If this is the case, I'd think about keeping it before cancelling the order, and having to start the LONG wait all over again.
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    I am aware of the 5.9 (so-called) upgrade. As I found out later, they are trying to phase out the 5.2 and not just being generous. I had a reason for ordering the 5.2. When I buy a vehicle I keep it forever. I have a Cutlass that is now 20 years old and still going. If gas mileage is less for a 5.9 by 1 mpg, over 20 years it would be considerably more expensive for me to own the truck. I had specific reasons for ordering the truck in the first place and gas mileage was one of them. I don't need an engine bigger than a 5.2. I have since ordered another RAM with a dealer that is more committed to making sure I get what I want!
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    saervin , i know this is a little late , take the 360 , have you driven one , in fact if you look at the window sticker the 360 gets 1 mpg better in both city and highway than the 318 , i drove both , and bought the 360 , but i'm trading it in for a diesel , if you are concerned with overall cost down the road , buy a diesel ., fuel mileage will be better in the long run , as will resale , i should have got the diesel to begin with , if i had i wouldn't be trading in my 18 month old truck , also i LOVE my ram , best truck going in my mind
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    johnrr1, I don't know which model Ram you were looking at, but for a 2WD the gas mileage is better for a 318 than for a 360. Maybe 1 mpg doesn't sound like much, but over a long period of time and under the conditions I will use the truck, it will add up to many $. I have no desire for a diesel. I don't need anything other than what I originally ordered. I want something just for general, casual use. I had specific reasons for ordering what I did and the dealer decided to deliver something else. (see my latest update!)
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    Well, the dealer did it again! I received a call from the salesman at Steve Oliver Dodge to tell me that they had re-ordered my truck. This was 2 weeks after they told me that the truck was being delivered with a different engine and I told them I didn't want it and to return my check. I did not authorize them to re-order it because I was very unhappy with the way they handled the first order. I originally ordered the truck on August 13 and they still have my $1000 check.
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    i was looking at the 4x4 , never paid much attention to the 2x's , have you told them to forget it and give you back your money ? whether you authorized it or even if the truck is delieverd you can cancel , but knowing that a dealer is looking to get money anyway they can i never leave more than 100 buck deposit , if they want more they don't really want your business , just your money ... good luck , and i will be going to the dealer tonite to look at the 4x2 fuel ratings ...
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    Just wanted to let you know, I live in IL and ordered my new 1/2 ton 4 x 4 on 10/20/99 and it came in on Friday. That is 1 day shy of 4 weeks. Not bad. A lot of problems on this board are dealership problems.This is the 3rd new truck I have bought from this dealer. My '95 had a fuel pump go out at 19,000 miles. That is the only problem I've ever had and I pull a trailer also.
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    my 2500 diesel 4x4 order is progressing nicely , i placed the order on 11/13/99 , as of today , its got a firm build date of 12/03/99 with a scheduled relase to ship ( i assume) of 12/15/99 that will maybe get it to me before Xmas ., oh boy a month earlier than i had planned , this is my first ever ordered vechile , and my wife hopes my last ... hehehhehehehhehe
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    Ok I ordered my new truck friday the 26th now where do I start on tracking my truck? What do I tell them to find my order?


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    first it needs to be issued a VIN by DC , then it can be tracked , if you go to , there is a thread there that tells you what the status letters mean plus a phone number to call DC directly to track the progress , when i called the dealer and asked for the vin , he gave to to me but asked why i wanted it , he got a little defensive with me and asked me not to call DC , he says it makes it look like the dealership is not doing their job , so for now i have not used the info , i call them once a week , they update all orders on monday afternoon and they give me the status , if and when i feel like i'm being jerked around , i will start to call DC and see what they have to say , till then i patiently wait , i have a ship date now of 12/15 , but that is the date it is supposed to leave the factory , the guy i talked to gave me a little bad news , my salesman was busy , a vehicle that he ordered with a ship date of 11/4 has not shipped yet , he said there is a nationwide railcar shortage , later when i talked to my salesman , who is the truck manager , he told me not to worry , all his truck orders have been on schedule , we'll see i guess ... good luck , john
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    I placed my order (2nd order but long story) with my dealer about three weeks ago. I would like to begin the tracking process with DC but I am waiting for a call from the dealer with the VIN. My question long does it take for him to get the number after he has entered the order?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    kb sorry for not answering sooner , they should have it about a week later , if they don't have it yet they should have the order number which will do the same for you as a VIN ... i found out yesterday that my truck's build has slipped 2 weeks , now i'm sure i won't get it till after the new year ...
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    End of July I ordered a 2500 4x4 Diesel QuadCab short bed with most of the fixins including the 6 speed. The 6 speed was on restriction so mine didn't get scheduled until the end of October but it shipped this week!!!! Yeah! Worth the wait. It is as a second vehicle for me so I was not in a super hurry and wanted the 6 speed...
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